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Jesus Peiro is one of the most beloved designers of wedding dresses among fashionable brides. This couturier creates gorgeous gowns for luxurious young looks and glamorous weddings. His label is based in Spain, but his collections are famous all over Europe and worldwide.

We are big admirers of his sensational style and recommend his gowns especially to young brides who want something chic, fun and prestigious for their wedding. Jesus Peiro creates exceptional dresses for the bridal field for a few years now and his style is becoming more and more refined with every year that passes. As many Spanish designers, Jesus Peiro is interested in offering the contemporary bride a fresh and unique approach on the classic style.

Young Bride Pics (Source:

Young Bride Pics (Source:

His designs feature a high quality cut and detailing. The fabrics he utilizes are also based on the finest fibers. The original touches incorporated in each gown are fabulous! The finish he gives to his dresses has been compared to Haute Couture. We fancy the silhouettes he creates because they are contemporary and refined.

Young Bride Pics (Source:

Young Bride Pics (Source:

The elevated look he proposes is ideal for young brides of today and for those who want to look more attractive and fashionable on their wedding day. Even the mature bride who cares for the prestigious and high class look can take into consideration wearing one of these sensational gowns. If you are looking for a unique design with a luxurious vibe, then this designer is definitely for you. Jesus Peiro founded his brand in 1988.

Young Bride Pics (Source:

Young Bride Pics (Source:

The goal of his company is to provide his clienteles with the best cut and fit. His collections are often inspired by season. This is why the dresses look so fluid, so nonchalant and expressive. There is always an inedited element of design to admire in his works. But the best of all is that Peiro’s creations are still rooted in tradition. He utilizes the finest details of the modern couture without sacrificing the classic style. His gowns are eye-catchy yet still romantic and gallant.

Young Bride Pics (Source:

Young Bride Pics (Source:

We like the flowy skirts and the lace embroideries made on top. There are special characteristics of the couture style that this designer doesn’t forget to use also. He presents one of the most versatile styles we’ve seen in a designer. This is one of the many pluses that make a Jesus Peiro wedding dress an ideal attire selection for a modern wedding. It’s true that the designers who work for this bridal brand dedicate a lot of time, energy and work to create such flawless and original creations.

Young Bride Pics (Source:

Young Bride Pics (Source:

The great vision they have is doubled by a deep and sharp sense of style and fashion. The team behind this label is also very experienced in this field and knows exactly what fits. We like the seasonal vibe these dresses transmit. They were designed exclusively for spring and this is why they look so fresh and feminine. The collections sold by Jesus Peiro are among the most powerful trendsetters in the bridal industry today. Many designers get their inspiration from Peiro's outfits.


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