Wilton Wedding Cakes

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If you are looking for the perfect wedding cake, than Wilton’s website should definitely be one of your stops. That’s because they have something in mind for all types of brides and grooms. In addition, they put at your disposal all the tools that you need in order to make sure you properly manage all the details related to the wedding cake of your interest. That means you can rely on their website when it comes to finding the perfect wedding cake as well as when it comes to finding out more about the various ways to decorate a cake, the flavors that are best to use, the cake toppers that you should consider and the methods you should use in order to make sure you have enough cake for all your guests.

Wilton Wedding Cakes

Wilton Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Kimberly Vardeman)

For instance, when it comes to wedding cake ideas you will discover hundreds of possibilities that you can sort by theme as well as by difficulty. You will discover elegant and sophisticated suggestions as well as modern and unusual cakes that not all of us would be comfortable choosing. From the traditional category I must mention the Garden Lights Wedding Cake that’s pretty simple in essence, impressing mostly thanks to the candlelight cake stand and the delicate flowers that surround its layers. If you are interested in something more unusual you should look no farther than the Zesty Zebra Cake that will bring the 50s at your wedding, impressing with a zebra print accentuated by the pink ribbons that are placed at the bottom edge of each tier. Among the Wilton cakes displayed in the Cake Ideas section you will also find modern options such as the Contemporary Curves Cake that impresses with an out of the ordinary shape and beautiful floral ornaments that are elegantly placed only on one side.

The section dedicated to wedding cake flavors is just as inspiring, displaying suggestions for the actual cake as well as for its filling and icing. Wilton’s website also recommends us to consider chocolate above any other flavor because that’s what people like to see at weddings. Also in the top preferences of wedding guests seems to be carrot cake especially when it’s paired with some delicious cream cheese icing. Don’t overlook cheesecake either or the butter cake that’s one of Wilton’s specialties.

Wilton Wedding Cakes

Wilton Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Dagny Mol)

I must also let you know that the Wilton website also has in store a few cake topper styles that are definitely worth considering. They have tried their best to include in the offer options made from ceramic as well as quality porcelain and resin figurines. In addition, the cake toppers they are ready to sell to any interested costumer cover a variety of themes. That’s why the offer is divided into categories, some of the most impressive ones being Bride & Groom Figurines and Specialty Toppers. In most cases the design is pretty classic, but the level of details and the quality materials used make each one of the toppers available more unique than the other. There are even options suitable for an all-white wedding.


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