Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

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Wiccan wedding ceremonies are also known as pagan ceremonies and are usually chosen by the couples who are not interested in a traditional ceremony. In this case your love will be celebrated through the connection that people have with nature and will be all about expressing your feelings for each other. If you are interested in such a wedding ceremony, to make sure you are going to organize the perfect event, you should locate a reliable Wiccan wedding ceremony officiant that will let you know the most important characteristics of this type of ceremony and will properly lead you so that you can end up enjoying the perfect celebration of love.

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony (Photo by: Ronnie Macdonald)

A Wiccan wedding ceremony ritual that’s pretty popular is the handfasting ritual. That ritual has been around since Celtic times and can be performed by any officiant that you find worthy of being by your side on your wedding day. You just need to make sure you also bring along a special type of rope. That’s because that rope will be the symbol of your union and something that you can keep for years in order to remember the day when you got married.

In the case of a Wiccan wedding ceremony the wedding preparation process starts as always with getting a legal marriage license. A Wiccan ceremony is all about spiritually binding your destiny to the one of the person next to you, so if you want that union to also count in the eyes of the authorities you should also get legally married. Once you’re done with this detail you will be ready to research the matter and make sure you enjoy the best Wiccan wedding ceremony possible. There are many books and online resources that focus on teaching people how to design the perfect Wiccan wedding ceremony, so you will definitely find the right type of inspiration. I also recommend you to choose a wedding date and time while following Wiccan rules. Most suitable for weddings is considered the time period between mid January and mid February. Don’t forget to factor in your decision astrology.

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony (Photo by: Regan Walsh)

After the date of your Wiccan wedding ceremony is chosen you should focus on finding the right type of invitations. You should look for colorful options that use symbols from nature. You should also get inspiration for your wedding stationery from the wedding location you choose. Botanical gardens and forests are most suitable for Wiccan wedding ceremonies, so you should start by trying to locate the venues of this kind available in the area where you live. About the wedding dress I can tell you that it’s supposed to be comfortable and based on natural fibers. As far as styles go, you should choose one that’s romantic and accessorize it with natural flowers. You should also try to follow Wiccan tradition when it comes to organizing the wedding reception. That means you should choose traditional music and serve foods cooked using organic and fresh ingredients. If you take into consideration all these advices people will love your Wiccan wedding ceremony.


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