White and Green Wedding Flowers

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Are you looking for a fresh natural theme for your wedding that can also look classy and elegant? Why not give it a try with a pretty white and green color scheme? We personally adore the way these two nuances mix and match and create such a wonderful and soft visual effect.

We are certain that these pictures of white and green wedding flowers posted below on this page will inspire you in finding your own types of flower arrangements for the wedding, or who knows, perhaps even choosing something from our examples! This vibrant theme can work great for both conservative and contemporary brides. While the green nuance will bring more enthusiasm, cheerfulness and naturalness to the wedding, the white shade will tone it all down and make it feel and look more inviting, elegant and stylish.
Brides can follow this theme in composing their bridal bouquets too, just as beautiful and inspiring as the ones pictured in this article.

The green color has become very fashionable and popular in modern weddings, especially because it is used for decorating eco-friendly weddings or nature inspired weddings that are quite trendy right now. The green color will bring add warmth and energy to the wedding atmosphere, offering the guests an original and unforgettable experience. Perhaps one might not find the courage to adopt and assume a fully green themed wedding but we are certain that a white and green color palette can appear like a more delightful and easy to assimilate and embrace alternative.

There aren’t too many real flowers that can be found in the green color, but enough to help you pull an enchanting unique and creative wedding. The dose of green and white that you decide to use in the flower arrangement must always depend on the exact formality of the wedding and perhaps on the venue or on the season. In general, green looks amazingly attractive and beautiful during the summer and the spring, but it can also work excellent for winter time weddings when the vibrant and cheerful holiday atmosphere in on.

The vast majority of brides choose cymbodium or dendrobium green orchids when it comes to creating their green wedding bouquet or the table centerpieces. Next in line is the green carnation, followed by the spider mum flower. Other types of fresh green flowers that you can use in creating your own white and green wedding flower arrangements are roses, hydrangeas and gerbera daises. As for the white part of the bouquets, the choices are numberless. You can opt for a white and green orchid theme or for a sweet and playful white and green gerbera daisy theme, depending on how casual or elegant and dramatic the big event is going to be.1

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