Which Hand Does A Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On

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One of the symbols that make it to each and every wedding regardless of its nature is the traditional wedding ring. This ring is made special by its designs, which is supposed to stand for eternal love, as well as by the finger where it’s supposed to be worn. While that finger is always the ringer finger, the hand to which it belongs tends to vary, so more and more women are currently asking themselves what hand to use for their wedding ring.

Which Hand Does A Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On

Which Hand Does A Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On (Photo by: Grand Velas Riviera Maya)

If we were to go back to Roman times, the answer would be simple because this civilization never wore the wedding ring on other hand than the left one. That’s because it was believed that the ring finger of this hand is home for a vein that comes directly from the heart. That means by wearing the wedding ring on this finger couples automatically acknowledged their eternal commitment and love. Apparently the idea of the Romans was liked by most civilizations because nowadays most of the people who get married choose to wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand. However, there are also a few exceptions, the rule tending to change from one country to the other.

The list of countries where the bride and groom choose the right hand for their wedding ring is pretty long, including Germany, Greece, Colombia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Peru and more. In addition, there are also cultures that don’t make matters very clear when it comes to this wedding ring, so women tend to consider both hands. For instance, in the Jewish culture the hands sort of take turns when it comes to wearing the wedding ring because during the wedding ceremony the right hand is used while after the event is over brides tend to change the position of the ring to the ring finger of the left hand

So, considering that no rule written in stone exists, you should just follow the tradition that has existed in your family or in your religion for decades. You can even choose to wear a ring that symbolizes your commitment on both hands. That’s something you can easily do by choosing to wear separately your wedding ring and your engagement ring. The main idea is that you will have to reserve the ring finger of the left hand for the wedding ring and use the same finger of the other hand for keeping visible the engagement ring. This is definitely one interesting way to wear your wedding and engagement rings.

Which Hand Does A Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On

Which Hand Does A Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On (Photo by: Bruce McKay)

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t also wear the wedding and engagement rings on the same hand and the same ring finger. The only difference is that in this case you will have to choose either the left hand or the right hand. It should all vary based on your beliefs. There are also women who want to be unique even when it comes to wearing an engagement ring, so you will definitely encounter one or two ladies wearing this ring on a necklace around their neck or as part of a jewelry that they had made based on that ring.


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