Western Wedding Cakes

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Themed cakes are popular for any type of wedding. But the rustic style seems to be one of the trendiest today. We like the modern approach made on the western theme these days and the way it fits an outdoors wedding. If you are one of those couples inspired by the vintage style, why not opt for an old-fashion country wedding cake? This style will fit perfectly well into a rustic reception party. This vision is exploited at maximum by our designers, so you should not worry about finding unique inspiration.

Giving the fact that these themes are so popular in weddings nowadays, the best way to go for a truly unique cake is to adopt your own personal style. We always advise and encourage the modern newlyweds to follow their own intuition and vision for the reception décor. Using a few personal touches throughout the setting is not a bad idea at all, especially for those who want an exclusive project for their own.

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: i3.hcdn1.net)

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: i3.hcdn1.net)

We know you guys have your own way of defining the most beautiful wedding, and it would be great if you could follow your dream and make it come true. Everybody has a favorite theme, color, fabric, motif or symbol. Why don’t you use it to make your wedding an original and unforgettable place for your guests? Horses and horseshoes, galvanized pails, wildflowers, mason jars, bales of hays, lanterns and lamps, hats and cowboy suits, boots and lassos, branches, birch and wooden tones, earthy colors and western accessories are just a few of the elements that can make a country wedding look fancy and fashionable. You can use any of these ideas for your cake. If you don’t have a big budget to support your ideas, buy a cheap simple plain wedding cake from a local bakery and have it customized at home. A unique pre-made western cake topper can solve the problem. There are many beautiful simple ideas out there to choose from. It’s true that the couture designs look more impressive and original, but a homemade confection can also make a stunning impact on your guests.

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

The organic style is very trendy nowadays, especially when it comes to flowers and food. So, if you have the skills why not bake your own western cake and flatter your wedding attendees with something delicious and healthful! There are fabulous yummy recipes for the home-style cake to select from. Use the Old West to get inspired for the decorative items or for the topper.

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: topweddingcakes.info)

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: topweddingcakes.info)

You can use the redneck style for a more whimsy and fun design or a romantic bride and groom figurines made of ceramic, blown glass or edible ingredients. The holographic horse-and-heart designs are also amazing choices for western cake toppers.

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: weddingnouveau.com)

Western Wedding Cakes (Source: weddingnouveau.com)

To make the cake look more natural and fresh, use wildflowers or seasonal blooms to decorate the tiers. The edible style is also in trend. Use store-bought marzipan or colored sugar paste flowers in different cascading or scattered designs to create a western pattern.


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