Wedding Wagon For Kids

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Planning a wedding is definitely a challenge. Things become even more complicated when you also want or need to involve small children in the wedding ceremony. That’s were the so called wedding wagons for kids come in. They are designed to carry small children to the wedding venue or give older children something to pull on their way to the altar. Such wagons can easily be turned into wedding-appropriate items by using the same types of decorations you plan on using for the rest of the décor.

Wedding Wagon For Kids

Wedding Wagon For Kids (Photo by: enigmachck1

If you are interested in using such a wagon for the kids at your wedding you should start by choosing its type. That wagon can be purchased made from plastic or wood, in a variety of colors and in as many styles. While all those choices are up to you, there’s one feature that the wagon must definitely have: a handle easy to pull. After you purchase the wagon that you find most appropriate you will have to properly decorate it in the style and the colors of your wedding. For instance, if you have chosen to have a tropical-inspired wedding you should use to your advantage tropical flowers, seashells and even a starfish or two. If the wagon is going to be used by or for a little girl you should also consider covering its inside in some soft and stylish fabric finished off with plenty of artificial or natural flower petals. If the wagon is not going to carry a child, you should use it for transporting some wedding favors that the child pulling it should be asked to offer at the reception to the guests.

If you’re wondering what kids should be in charge of this wagon, you should know that its services are usually used when the bride and the groom have one or more small children. It’s definitely a comfortable and interesting way to get a one-year old to the altar and keep him/her entertained. The same type of wagon can also prove useful for getting the ring bearer to the altar. In the beautifully embellished wagon he will just have to sit down and hold the pillow on which the rings are resting. The only problem in this case is that the wagon needs to be pulled to the altar by a third party. That third party can be an older kid or a relative put in the charge of supervising the child in the wagon. Either way, it’s important to make sure both the wagon and the child get safe to the altar and remain safe throughout the entire event.

Wedding Wagon For Kids

Wedding Wagon For Kids (Photo by: Mark Wallace)

At the wedding reception the wagon should not be eliminated because it’s an easy way to keep children entertained. They should simply be instructed to take turns pulling the wagon/wagons available and have fun offering appetizers or wedding favors to the guests. You should know that most people choose to buy these wagons in the color red and made of plastic because this material is less likely to cause unexpected injuries. You should also look for big wheels because they ensure better stability.


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