Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas

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The wedding ceremony is the most emotional and beautiful event in a couple’s life, no doubt about it. But the wedding vow renewals can be even a more romantic and special occasion for a man and a woman to declare their love. This time, their love is more mature, their feelings are riper and their commitment is a fact of life. There is this beautiful trend in modern marriages to organize a special ceremony and party for the renewal of the wedding vows.

Many couples are doing it, especially those long-lasting couples in Hollywood. If you want to follow their example, here are a few ideas and suggestions on this subject. This type of ceremony is one great way to commemorate the years you two have been together and the love you have build along with your home and family. Each wedding anniversary deserves a special gathering with close friends and family to celebrate it in the proper way.

Something romantic has to happen, whether you’re throwing a big or an intimate party. In general, these types of events take place in a quiet venue, with family members and those who weren’t there the first time, at the wedding. Your love and commitment stood the test of time, and this is why you have to make your marriage even more beautiful and durable by renewing your vows. This type of celebration can take place at the tenth, fifteen or even twenty + wedding anniversary. You can start celebrating your marriage at the first year and then continue the same tradition.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

When you get to the half way, have a vow renewal ceremony to refresh your marriage. Although your partner is aware of your love, he/she needs to hear it once again, in new words and gestures. Plan a romantic escapade somewhere just the two of you and enjoy a second honeymoon or the vacation you never had after the wedding. This ceremony is usually a personal experience and it is meant to reflect you and your personalities after living together so many years.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

We know many couples try to avoid big social receptions and choose something simpler, like a quiet dinner party with those you love. This type of celebration doesn’t include too much stress and financial problems to take care of. The smaller the party is the more enjoyable the atmosphere will be. This is a great way to reaffirm your vows without worrying about money and other complicated things that come with a big celebration.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas (Source:

Weddings today are comfortable events planned in cozier locations, based on unique themes. If you want something elegant, have the renewal ceremony more formal. We recommend the ultra-formal style because we know older couples are more commodious and want something more relaxed. If you want something romantic and nostalgic, go back to the place where you guys got married the first time. Opt for a then and now theme to emphasize all the beautiful things you guys shared together and those aspects that have changed in time.


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