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2012 brides are very unique and very different from old era brides. The styles promoted today are based on all things bold, youthful and chic. The elegance popularize today is not elaborated anymore, but very simple, discreet and clean. We’re back to the saying “less is more” and we love it! It’s true that most of the trends released today for our brides are inspired by the amazing look of the bygone eras. Our designers have their own amazing ideas, but they like to work with different styles from the past and update them to fit modern bridal looks.

We are very happy and excited to talk about bridal veils today. This subject is very popular and interesting, especially for the offbeat bride who doesn’t want to wear the same old long veil inspired by the conservative style. Modern brides feel modern and independent and this is exactly how they want to look on their wedding day. Fortunately, bridal fashion designers use the contemporary woman as the perfect muse for their collections. This means that their creations are extremely well adapted to suit the preferences and expectations of our pretentious brides! The wedding veil is very appreciated nowadays in the world of bridal fashion.

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

Nevertheless, the classic designs are no longer the only options for the contemporary bride. Based on the classic veil our designers invented new ways of dressing the head or hair of a bride. And we have a few examples in this sense to share with you today. The first trend is based on veiled hats! Hats are very trendy right now, but they look even chicer when adorned with a piece of veil. We’ve always liked hats for brides because they are very sophisticated and feminine and they can make a big fashion statement at the wedding.

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

There is nothing more original than a large or small veiled hat for a modern-vintage bride! You can wear this headpiece with a sleek bun or with a funky side ponytail. The second trend is inspired by crystal headbands. The headband is ideal for modern day princess brides who want something romantic but not as traditional as a tiara. When adorned with crystals and other sparkling stones, the headband looks even more glam and glitzy, especially when worn with a simple wedding dress! You can wear it with both an up and down-do.

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

Wedding Veil Trends (Source:

The next trend is based on enamel plated flower fascinators. These items make beautiful wedding keepsakes. They can be worn with a veil at the ceremony and with a hair comb at the reception. The last idea is based on feathers. We are very happy to see that feathers are back in vogue. They are making an interesting comeback, especially for the vintage-inspired bride. Feather hair fascinators are flirty, fun and feminine. Any bride can add more drama and sophistication to her wedding ensemble with a feather headpiece. Peacock and ostrich feathers are the most popular choices. Pretty exotic and sexy for a chic modern bride, don’t you think?


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