Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

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If you’re afraid you will lose your wedding ring, you should consider tattooing it. This is a choice that many modern couples make, considering that tattooed wedding rings are more personal and sacred. However, this is not a decision that you should take lightly. That’s why you should start with exploring your options by the side of a tattoo artist that has done this before. This is a must especially if this wedding ring tattoo that you are interested in getting is actually your first tattoo. There are quite a few factors that can influence the quality of a finger tattoo over time, so if you don’t want to feel later on disappointed you will have to consider those factors even before choosing the design of interest. Not all designs look as good on a finger and weight loss or gain can significantly change the look of a tattoo over the years.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs (Photo by: Mattie B)

Before thinking of the design, it’s also important to make a decision regarding the position of the tattoo on your finger. In most cases, couples choose the base of the ring finger. There’s also the possibility to consider the inside edge but although in this case there will be more room for the tattoo, the pain level of the procedure will be much higher. You can then finally focus on the design. The possibilities are overwhelming, so you should start by determining if you want matching designs or not. Regardless of the answer you will then have to think about the main symbol that you want your wedding ring tattoo to include. That symbol can be all about love or it can more about strength and loyalty. Here are a few interesting suggestions.

You should start by considering the possibility to build the design around your initials. Such a design is personal and will forever remind you of the special person in your life. It involves having the initial of your loved one tattooed in the center and surrounding it by the usual band of a wedding ring. If you are more interested in a symbol-based wedding ring tattoo, you should consider having tattooed on your ring finger the infinity symbol. You can also choose to get inspired by a wedding ring design that you really like and have it accurately reproduced on your finger. This is a great idea, especially if you are interested in matching tattoos.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs (Photo by: Ophelia219)

If you are interested in something more unique, you should consider integrating in a more complex design the heart symbol. Two interlocked hearts will always be a great way to represent the union of two souls for eternity. You can also choose to make the tattooed wedding ring unique by creating the design yourself. In this case you should look for inspiration among the many Celtic and Polynesian motifs easy to tattoo and choose to combine some of them in a unique manner. There’s also the possibility to tattoo all around your ring finger the date when you got married. That’s an easy way to make sure you never forget about the upcoming celebration of your wedding anniversary.


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