Wedding Proposal Ideas

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Many girls dream of their wedding day long before they’ve even got engaged. Not to mention that in their head, they are already proposed to be married to the one they love. We can never understand why guys react with such delay. However, maybe we are the hurried ones! Women have a big imagination and when it comes to love, they are convinced they are on the right track. One of the most difficult things for a guy to solve is the marriage proposal. It’s hard to make the choice regarding the one he will be married to, but it can be even tougher to decide on the most adequate wedding proposal.

This is one of the most anticipated moments for a woman and this is why it has to be perfect and memorable. You can laugh about it when looking back to the day you’ve got proposed or cry tears of happiness remembering the way your betrothed chose to declare his love to you. Women envision a romantic moment in the sunset, with music in the background and a lot of roses. However, the reality is often different. We all know that men are rather clumsy when it comes to making this important proposal. Many men have absolutely no idea of how to pop the right question. Although they are very much in love with their sweethearts, they’re not used to declare it everyday or within such special circumstances.

Wedding Proposal Ideas (Source:

Wedding Proposal Ideas (Source:

Nevertheless, guys must try to be romantic at least for a few hours, just for the sake of their fiancé. Assuming that you know your partner very well, you can intuit what she would like to hear and receive from your part. If you can’t get romantic you can make this occasion feel special in your own way. Don’t forget that this is a risky job either way. There are also many cases when guys propose to their beloved unexpectedly, surprising their partners in a pleasant or unpleasant way. However, most men don’t dare to make this step unless they are convinced their sweethearts will say “yes”. We can also admit that modern women are more pretentious regarding the partner they choose. Only after they are convinced their mate is the one for them they can dare making future plans. So, before you ask her hand, make sure you two are the perfect team.

Wedding Proposal Ideas (Source:

Wedding Proposal Ideas (Source:

Consider your mutual interests, your compatibility, your future expectations, your religious compatibility, your living arrangements and your loyalty or honesty of your relationship. If you feel emotionally secure next to your partner, then perhaps he/she is the one. But to be really ready for making this big step you must agree to make compromises. No matter how compatible you are, you will always have divergent to solve. The traditional marriage proposal tales place in a romantic setting. The man gets down on one knee and presents his fiancé an engagement ring with the big question. In modern reality, the couple chooses to discuss about getting married long before the question is asked.


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