Wedding Line Dances

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At a wedding you want the guests to feel not only well-fed but also entertained. That’s why you should take interest in adding to your list of reception songs a few that allow the guests to perform a so-called wedding line dance. These dances tend to be fun and are recommended when it comes to celebrations like weddings because they allow the host to get all the guests on the dance floor. That’s because the moves involved tend to be familiar to every guest while the need for a partner no longer exists. These are dances that will be enjoyed even by those less experienced because they will feel their moves aren’t as exposed as they would be if they were to dance in pairs.

Wedding Line Dances

Wedding Line Dances (Photo by: Craig Pokorny)

The most popular line dances that should be considered for a wedding are the Electric Slide, Macarena, Tush Push and Cotton Eyed Joe. Most of these dances owe their name to the title of the song that makes their moves appropriate. In addition, those moves tend to be simple, so if you want to engage in the line dancing even the guests that are not familiar with them you should consider having the DJ explain the main moves. If you want to set the tone of such dances along with your bridal party you should even consider taking some line dance lessons before the event so that you can instruct the guests yourselves. These dance lessons can actually turn into the perfect wedding shower or rehearsal dinner. It’s a fun way to connect with the people closest to you while making sure you take care of yet another important aspect of the wedding.

If you’re wondering if this type of dancing is suitable for every wedding, I must confess that sometimes it may not be that appropriate. For instance, if the number of guests is not that high, the line dancing will be awkward instead of fun. In the same time, if the event if pretty formal and involves guests that like to maintain their formal attitude at all times, you may want to reconsider making line dancing part of the event because some of those guests will find it offending. In addition, if you find some of those line dances embarrassing yourself, you should actually include them on a do-not-play list that the DJ should be made aware of with plenty of time in advance.

Wedding Line Dances

Wedding Line Dances (Photo by: Matt)

Once you make the decision of including some of those line dances in your wedding, you will also have to consider a few details. First of all, the line dancing will be possible and enjoyable only if the dance floor is large enough to provide room for most of your guests and no obstacles are cluttering it. You should also avoid overdoing it, meaning that no more than one line dance should be scheduled at a time. I also recommend you to not pressure the guests into joining in if they don’t feel comfortable with this type of dancing. Last, but not least, if you are the bride make sure your dress and your shoes won’t stay in the way of the dancing.


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