Wedding in Chicago: Simple Beauty Rules for the Future Groom

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You want a perfect wedding, with both of you looking brilliant … or, at least, looking as good and inspired as you feel. I agree. All you need is time for respecting some basic rules on personal hygiene … so simple that even your fiance can follow without effort.

Here are some simple rules for the future groom:

1. For a hairstyle that might not bring any surprise, experts advise you to have a haircut two weeks before the big event. Then, one day before the wedding, you are advised to go back to a hairstyle specialist who will accentuate your hairstyle line ordering. At the wedding, you should have at your disposal a little hair gel or other items used to fix your hair. Use only those products that have been previously tested, do not experiment anything new at the wedding! One of the salons of this kind in Chicago is “Patrick Anderson Hair Dresser”. Here, the price for a haircut plus a shampoo oscillates between 50 and 65 dollars. In addition, the dye used for hair coloring is vegan, responding to the needs of all customers.

2. When the wedding day comes, before shaving, remember few proper techniques used for shaving. First, sprinkle your face with warm water, because it opens your pores. Ideally is not to be in a rush and to let at least half an hour pass after you have woken up and then begin with the shaving process. Within thirty minutes, your face has enough time to relax, to prevent it from any cuts. Moreover, when you apply shaving cream, allow it two minutes to penetrate the skin pores. When you have finished shaving, rinse your cheeks with cold water to close the pores and then apply the lotion.

3. Your teeth will look neat if you maintain an optimum hygiene. This refers to the necessity of using a firm toothbrush and of changing it every two months. Cultivate your patience and take time to leisurely brush your teeth: ideally is to handle each teeth for at least few seconds. Do not use mouthwash too often (it contains a substance that attacks the enamel, so use it only when it is necessary) and in any case not in order to replace the toothbrush. Do not skimp on the teeth floss: its usefulness is known in long-term dental health. It prevents plaque formation. Moreover, do not make the mistake of thinking that chewing gum has the same benefits as teeth brushing. Far from it! Gum offers you only fresh breath…

4. You will make many photos and will be closely examined and analyzed by many guests. The wedding is a special event. So, if you somehow want to prepare for this, deal with the aesthetic appearance of your skin. Borrow some of your beloved rituals: taking care of your skin constantly, starting 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Exfoliate your skin once a week and remember to clean it with a tissue cleanser every night. It will be fun, to do it together with your future bride…

If you still think that you will not manage to do that all by yourself or if you want to be spoiled, you can choose to go to a beauty salon or spa for men. For example, try the “Joseph Michaels Salon and Spa” in Chicago. Here, a full facial treatment for men, including cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing skin, costs $ 100. It is a decent price to be paid for a hundred minutes of relaxation…1

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