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You are finally free. Just the two of you, the guests invited to the wedding have gone and, you think about your honeymoon. Many couples make preparations in advance, but others prefer to choose a “random” location or a last minute offer.

Everyone wants the honeymoon to be the most beautiful and romantic holiday in their life, especially since you are at the beginning of a new life as an official couple..

The honeymoon seems to be regarded as a reconfirmation of a great love. During the honeymoon we live in an ideal holiday with romantic moments, close to the one you love. Due to the unique nature of this holiday, the perfect destination choice can be difficult. How about a honeymoon in London?

London, the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is one of the largest and most visited European capitals. With a history of about 2000 years, London is one of the most populated metropolitan areas and also among the most spectacular ones. Despite global reputation, its history and its tourist attractions, few people put London among the first choices of romantic couples when planning their honeymoon.

However, if you decide to make this choice, here are some tourist attractions that you should not miss if you choose a honeymoon in London:

  • Big Ben – perhaps it is the most famous symbol of the city and from which most tourists return home with hundreds of photos, taken from all angles. The famous clock tower Big Ben struck the first minute on 31 May 1859 and it is the largest four-sided clock in the world and the third one when it comes to its height. Located in north Westminster Palace, Big Ben is a great architectural monument.
  • Westminster Abbey has a history of more than one thousand years, when Benedictine monks raised a monastery here in the mid-tenth century. The legend says that the first church built in this place was requested by St. Peter himself, who had descended from heaven and crossed the Thames on the boat of a fisherman named Edric, who received a huge salmon as a reward from St. Peter.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral – since 604 AD, there was a church dedicated to St. Paul. Although it was always a busy area, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a worship place where millions of people come to pray, meditate and find inner peace every year. The architecture is spectacular, but, especially, an opportunity for meditation and reflection. When you visit it, remember that Prince Charles and Lady Di got married here.
  • Thames – one of the most romantic walks that lovers can take on their honeymoon is, undoubtedly, a boat ride on the Thames. Thames shivering through city-be gracefully among the most beautiful sights of London. Whether you might choose a walk in the midday, when you can have delicious fun comments of a guide and you can admire the city on water, or a cruise at night, you can enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight and you can even dance because Thames will give you access to unforgettable moments.
  • London parks – one of the most romantic ideas for couples who visit London is to make long walks through the parks and public gardens. Whatever your destination might be, a stroll in the park represents a return to nature and a way of reconnecting to the partners themselves. Do not miss a stroll in London, hand in hand, through the largest parks in central London. Enjoy it!


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