Wedding Dress Silhouettes

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When shopping for a wedding dress, most brides are looking at the aspect of the dress, totally ignoring the practicality, the design or the fabric of the dress. In most cases, women fall in love with a dress and decide to purchase it without wanting to know more about the design it features and whether it can suit them well or not. It’s true that the aesthetical factor is the most important. But it can be more useful to know exactly what dress style to look for when you’re out there shopping. This will facilitate your selection and also assure you that you’ve made the right pick.

The perfect fit is the one that you should be interested in, no matter how formal or traditional your wedding is going to be. So, in order to determinate the most flattering design for your body shape you need to learn more about your figure and the afferent adequate dress styles. The sensation of looking fabulous and feeling comfortable in the dress you picked is amazing! So make sure you allocate more time for learning more important things about you and the dress of your dreams.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

There are a few basic types of wedding dress silhouettes that we want to describe today so that you can make yourself an overall idea on the existing styles. The most desirable shape for a wedding is the hourglass silhouette. If you have big hips, a thin waist and a large bust, then you are among those brides who are gifted with an hourglass silhouette. Now, you must find the right dress design that will beautifully accentuate all the curves of your body in a nice and smooth way. Opt for an A-line gown with a natural waist for a more feminine look or with a dropped waist if you want to show off more of your curves. Show some décolletage with a sweetheart neckline.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

The mermaid style and the trumpet shape are also ideal choices for brides who want a more curvaceous silhouette for their big day. Avoid elaborated ball gowns and high-waist silhouettes. They can make you look disproportioned. If you have a short waist, the most adequate dress selection would be a princess gown. Any design with a fitted bodice and a full skirt will do. This design will elongate your figure and make you look more elegant. Opt for a halter or portrait neckline, depending on the wedding formality. Dropped-waist gowns are also ideal for your body shape. Stay away from sheath designs.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

Wedding Dress Silhouettes (Source:

Brides with a thick undefined waist can wear a beautiful empire-waist gown to elongate your look. Don’t go for the princess or basque styles. Full figure brides can look great in ball gowns and A-line silhouettes. You should avoid spaghetti straps and sheath models. Pear-shaped brides can look elegant in basque waist and strapless ball gown wedding dresses. Petite or shorter brides should keep it simple, with a classy A-line or sheath design. Try to avoid the pompousness of the ball gown.


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