Wedding Clothes For Mother Of The Bride

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The next most beautiful lady in a wedding after the bride is the mother. As a woman, you wish to find a dress that fits your personality and clothing style. As the mother of the bride, you need to follow the wedding etiquette and obey to any rules your daughter has at this point.

Wedding cloths for mothers of the bride and groom are generally simple, classy and comfortable. You can choose from more or less traditional styles, according to your own preferences. But as we said before, the most important thing is to adjust your wedding outfit to the formality, season, venue and theme of the event. These are the main criteria to take into account when shopping for the perfect mother of the bride dress.

Wedding Clothes For Mother Of The Bride

Wedding Clothes For Mother Of The Bride (Photo by: Francesco)

Mothers usually prefer a “pretty” dress, a gown that is not too showy and not too extravagant. Nevertheless, it depends on each mom’s personality. If you’re a strong woman with a bold character, perhaps you would feel more comfortable in a modern dress made with a youngish cut. On the other hand, if you’re rather shy or unsatisfied with the way you look, a simpler dress with a flattering cut may be just the thing for you.

There are certain regulations both moms need to follow when it comes to selecting their wedding cloths. According to the wedding etiquette, the bride’s mom should pick her dress before the groom’s mother. However, this is an old tradition that you might as well break. The reason why the mother of the bride should choose and buy her gown first is pretty simple: the mother of the groom should not outshine the mother of the bride, as well as the bride’s mom should not overshadow her daughter on the wedding day.

Anyway, if moms know each other and are really good friends, they can break this rule and go shopping together, in the same day, perhaps in different stores. But if you want to be sure that you’re not buying identical gowns, search in the same boutique and exchange opinions. In all cases, you both must find a dress that complements the bridal party. It’s important for the bridesmaids and the mothers to look coherent and elegant. One rule important to keep in mind is that if one of you chooses a floor length gown, the other one must follow the same style, and vice versa.

In terms of colors, the best adviser you have is your own daughter. The bride knows exactly what color you should wear at her wedding, according to the color scheme she picked for the decorations. It’s not appropriate for the bridal party to wear a white dress. This color is reserved exclusively for the bride. However, in many weddings today, brides ask their mom to wear a pastel gown in light whitish shades: cream, nude, gray, ivory, beige, champagne or gold.

In case you wish to go for a bolder color, choose a gown in two tones. White and blue or burgundy is a fabulous selection. In this case, the other mom can go for a black and green dress or something alike.

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