Wedding Cakes With Ruffles

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We are convinced that many of you guys had the chance to experience the ruffled wedding trend before. This style is all over modern weddings and it is practically impossible to miss it! The ruffled style is omnipresent, as we were saying. If at first it was utilized for bridal gowns, now it is incorporated in many other items of the wedding. The most beautiful surprise comes from the wedding cake field. We adore ruffled wedding cakes and the way they look so fluffy, so delicious and artistic.

We are excited to see that contemporary weddings are getting more and more creative and fashionable. Cakes with ruffles are ideal for fashionable brides who want to keep the pace with the latest trends and tendencies in weddings and to dazzle their guests with something really special. Fashion-inspired wedding cakes and confections based on wedding dress fabrics, textures and embellishments are awesome. We are big fans of this trend and we would like to allocate more space to it on our website.

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

We have a lot of articles on trendy wedding cakes that you can browse through in the meanwhile. Who doesn’t like wedding cakes and the ruffled style, anyway? The most impressive thing about these confections is that the ruffles featured here are not real. They are not from real fabric but perfectly edible! How cool is that? These frills are comestible and this is why these cakes are even more heart-winning! Our cake designers benefit of many innovative methods and techniques of working with different ingredients and create amazing wedding cakes and decorations.

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

The ruffled texture is an easy texture, not very difficult to make. Our designers use a clever icing technique that mimics real ruffles. The confections we’re showing here feature different designs and colors. The white ones are the most popular and our favorites. This style is nontraditional and it can add even more uniqueness to a wedding party. These cakes’ unconventional beauty is breathtaking and very convincing. These are delicate confections, although the ruffled texture is intricate and rich.

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

The most adorable thing is that these ruffles can actually be eaten by your guests! They are not just for the show, but for real. Wedding cakes with frills and ruffles are whimsically elegant, inedited, romantic and dainty. We like the ones that feature a unique color, especially the ones in pink. To add even more originality and opulence to the ruffles and tiers, you can play with the ombre color-scheme.

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Ruffles (Source:

This theme is based on gradient nuances from the same palette. How great your ruffles would look like in light and dark hues from the same palette? This progression from pale to bold nuances is extremely fashionable and ingenious. It is a real pleasure for the eyes and senses to see a ruffled cake made in an ombre style. These confections are also often stylized with flowers, like these pieces here. You can find both modern and vintage designs out there to pull inspiration from for your reception party cake.


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