Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs

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Weddings cakes are the focus of attention at the wedding reception and this is why the couple has to come up with something truly unique and outstanding. And what could be more spectacular than a wedding cake with fountains and stairs? This style is not one of the most modern but it is still a distinctive selection for those who are planning a big wedding. Fountain wedding cakes are ample and sophisticated and also extremely creative.

Perhaps those who want something trendier will find this style dated or too traditional for their taste. Nevertheless, you should know that this design is still practiced by many couples of today who want something pompous and more artistic. This design speaks of sophisticated elegance and grandiosity. But we’ve also seen many gracious designs made for smaller cakes that looked just as beautiful as these ones. So it doesn’t really matter how big your cake is. The size is not very important right now. The essential is to choose a unique design that can impress, seduce and dazzle.

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

The fountains and the stairs can be understated or bigger, simple or intricate, lighted or unlighted, etc. There are many things to consider when planning a wedding cake like this. The fountain cake can hold anything delicious like chocolate, fruit punch, white fondue or even champagne. The layered style allows the couple to use their favorite colors, flavors, ingredients and decorations.

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

Those confections that include multiple tiers can be transformed into real works of art. You can add flowers or even staircases to it! Anything is possible these days, so don’t be surprised to discover this. If you are one of those couples who prefer something less extravagant but chicer, perhaps a single-tier cake can make the perfect choice for you. We’ve noticed that one and two-tier cakes are in big fashion today and they are considered the rage of the moment. So you have to choose between the grand and the small designs. It all depends on the amplitude and formality of your wedding, as we said. But it also depends on how traditional you intend to go and how much money you have to spend on the cake.

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs (Source:

It’s true that those designs with fountains and stairs can be extremely expensive. In general, the cake has to subsume all the aspects of the wedding theme, starting with the color and ending up with the decorative items. There are endless options for you since you can choose any flavor, color and combination for your cake. There are no more restrictions in this sense. And no one can tell you what is appropriate and what not because even the whimsy, quirky and unusual designs are doable these days. The chocolate fountain wedding cakes are the most popular. And what could be more decadent than flowing chocolate? We like this style because it is festive and very elegant. The cake can be filled with strawberries, for a more delicious taste. You can use champagne instead of chocolate for a luxurious party.


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