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When organizing a wedding, brides allow themselves to give plenty of thought to the location, decorations, wedding dress and music and only afterwards they start thinking of their wedding cake. A wedding cake is an integral part of the reception and must be coordinated with all its elements. It’s best to design it after establishing the wedding’s style and theme because otherwise it will probably be a simple white wedding cake, but this doesn’t mean that it should be situated on the bottom of your list of tasks.

The activity of cutting the wedding cake has received a major significance over the years, in such an extent that nowadays it is complied almost like any ritual that is related to weddings. All the invitees surround the cake, the gateau is the center of everyone’s attention and many pictures are taken. These pictures will be distributed to all the invitees and when looking at pictures from your wedding reception it’s almost impossible that they don’t get to see some with your wedding cake. Furthermore, it’s obvious that a magnificent design won’t ever be forgotten by the people who were present at the reception.

Wedding Cakes (Source:

Wedding Cakes (Source:

To be remembered for a long time, a wedding cake has to be unique, to represent that exact wedding at which it’s served and to reflect the bride and groom’s tastes. Only by combining the wedding’s characteristics, seen through the bride and groom’s eyes and interpreted after their tastes and style, a distinctive wedding cake can be obtained, one that isn’t common, isn’t dull and never ceases to impress the guests.

Wedding Cake (Source:

Wedding Cake (Source:

Many magazines and websites picture designs of wedding cakes and bakers have portfolios that can help you form an idea about your style. You can combine features from several cakes, thus making sure that your wedding cake has a unique design and you can choose to modify some colors, making its aspect match your wedding’s color scheme. A wedding isn’t a random collection of elements, it’s the union of several features that are related and that look exquisite together. Thus, the cake should be a component of this whole and not an element that contrasts with the others.

Hexagonal Wedding Cake (Source:

Hexagonal Wedding Cake (Source:

When trying to achieve something unusual, the simplest step is to mix elements that aren’t popular. For example, the regular shapes of wedding cakes are round, oval and square and occasionally couples choose octagonal or hexagonal cakes. In addition, most couples want to have a multi tiered wedding cake and only a few go with the modern and chic option of serving mini-cakes or having a cake made of cupcakes. Butter cream, ganache, mousses and fresh fruit are the most common fillings, but the secret of a delicious and unique cake lies in connecting the filling with the location and season. Lemon, banana, coconut, rum or pineapple flavors are excellent in a beach location and if you aren’t a conventional bride you can serve ice-cream or sorbet instead. Whether you use a fun topper, flowers or icing cutouts, they must represent an aspect of your wedding reception like the location or the colors.  


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