Wedding Bouquets With Brooches

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Brides who are planning a glamorous look for the big day may be interested in seeing these precious wedding bouquets with brooches presented below in the images. Every bride deserves to look at her best on her wedding day and the bouquet is one of the most powerful accessories that can make her look remarkable, outstanding and unique. This is exactly why we have thought about presenting you the following pictures of glamorous wedding bouquets that we have found on the Internet.

Perhaps not every bride will find these styles appropriate for her wedding or inspiring as we do. We must admit that not all women are willing and ready to opt for a voguish and crafty non-flower wedding bouquet yet. Traditional brides who decide to plan a more classical and conservative look for their wedding might not find these stunning wedding bouquets with brooches suitable for their own wear.

Nowadays there are lots of sparkling accessories, weird thematic decorative items and unconventional charms or elements that can be incorporated in a bridal bouquet. It all depends on how ready the bride is to adopt a whole new style which can be more or less unconventional and unusual.

Anything from feathers, branches, buttons and seashells can now be seen used in wedding bouquets. In some cases the artificial accessories (such as origami or the paper made flowers for example) can even take the place of natural fresh flowers! This happens in general with off the beat modern brides who are planning a funky and wild wedding. However, we must admit that the brooches – like other sparkling accessories or symbols (pearls, beading, sparkling wires, rhinestones or monograms) will not look as quirky and inappropriate as buttons or candies!

We are more familiar with brooches than with other weird accessories and this is why we don’t think that a wedding bouquet with brooches can look that bad or inadequate for a wedding. However, this article and this subject are dedicated first of all to contemporary bold brides who want to look glamorous and glowing on their big wedding day. They can use only brooches in the bouquets in order to obtain a more dazzling and impressive arrangement, or they can only place few brooches in a bouquet that was initially made of flowers. These feminine and beaming accessories are meant to bring that glam factor and that elegance, vogue and sparkle to a wedding bouquet that every bride is interested in when it comes to looking original and attractive on the day.

This type of bouquet can really help a bride differentiate herself and her look from other female guests or bridesmaids carrying flower bouquets. The brooches can be paved with diamonds, crystals or gemstones, or they can be made of pearls. It all depends on how much money one is willing to invest in her bridal look. The brooches can be placed inside the bouquet – on the blooms, or they can be attached to the ribbon or wrap that ties the whole arrangement.1

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4 Responses to Wedding Bouquets With Brooches

  1. Leanne Thorburn says:

    My brother is getting married in August and i came across the bouquets with brooches and wondered how much it would be to have them done.

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