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The wedding arch is an important decorative element, especially if the wedding is organized outdoors. It can be placed at the entrance, inviting the guests to enter in the reception’s location and to admire the rest of the decorations or it can be placed in the middle of the ceremony’s area, marking the place where the bride and groom will exchange wedding vows. If you know how to decorate the arch, it can become the focal point of the entire décor and it can be representative of the wedding’s theme and season.

After installing the arch, it must be decorated with elements that define your wedding or seem to be suitable. Most couples opt for flowers and they select them to match the season, the wedding’s color palette and the location. In this way, their wedding arches will match the wedding’s style and will be nicely incorporated in the décor. For instance, if the wedding takes place in fall, the combination of carnations with chrysanthemums and irises is the most suitable. This combination was considered after analyzing the type of flowers that look beautiful together in a fall arrangement, but the location can also be a valuable source of inspiration. At a beach wedding the arch can be embellished with tropical flowers and thus the idea of using beach motifs is continued even in decorating the arch.

Wedding Arch (Source:

Wedding Arch (Source:

Not all the weddings are formal or very elegant, as some couples insist on creating a fun atmosphere for the invitees rather than on having them seated at a table and eating. At a casual wedding, the decorations should show the ingenuity of the bride and groom and should bring a smile on the guests’ faces. One idea of decorating the arch in a fun manner would be to ask the invitees to write messages on colored cards and then to string them together and to hand them on the arch. The colors of these cards should be those that can be found in other decorations as well, they should be the wedding’s main colors. To make sure that the invitees will write their messages on cards that have your desired hues and dimensions, send them with the wedding invitations. Your wedding arch will be extremely beautiful, but it will also have a great sentimental value. Nothing can equalize the feeling of getting married under an arch that is full of best wishes coming from all your beloved ones.

Wedding Arch (Source:

Wedding Arch (Source:

At an elegant wedding, fabrics like organza and tulle can be used to make exquisite decorations for your wedding arch. Use rolls of each material in order to obtain a complex look and place some small bouquets of flowers at the bottom of the arch and also from place to place. Very simple and perfect for a fall wedding, leaves can be included in the design. There are artificial leaves available in stores and you could pick shades of red, orange and yellow and then combine them, but you can use also natural dried leaves. This type of embellishing the arch is perfect for outdoor weddings, as the piece won’t look too simple or plain due to the flowers which will surround it.


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