Wedding Arch Decorations

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Wedding arches are a way of welcoming the guests and of introducing them in the atmosphere and theme of your wedding. These beautiful decorative items are usually placed at the entrance or in the middle of the location and they are in all respects part of the overall wedding décor. Decorating your wedding arch is an important task, as its appearance should complement the look of all the other decorations. When preparing for your wedding, you should always remember that your wedding style and theme must be encountered throughout the entire wedding and in all its elements.

Some couples install and decorate the arches themselves, whereas others leave this task in the hands of the organizers. If you want to take over all the activities related to the decorations, you must know from start that there are some differences between ceramic and wooden arches and bamboo arches, the last type being more suitable if you want to customize everything yourself. Usually, the arches which are installed and decorated by couples are made of bamboo and they usually don’t encounter any major problems throughout the entire process. With a few days before the wedding ceremony you should start installing the arch. When this activity seems to be over, recheck if the arch is stable and only after that start decorating it. The decorations should match your wedding’s theme and if you don’t have a theme for your wedding you should at least pick one for the arch. This is extremely simple and you can choose from flowers, candies, bells or colors of the season. This theme must be followed throughout the decoration process. It shouldn’t be mixed with other themes and also the final appearance of the arch shouldn’t be that of an overloaded decorative piece.

Wedding Arch (Source:

Wedding Arch (Source:

In most cases, couples draw their inspiration from the season, selecting appropriate colors or seasonal flowers. Hydrangea, chrysanthemums, calla lilies and carnations look exquisite on arches if you mix and match them tastefully. You must know that not only different shapes and textures can create the overloaded look that you should avoid, but also colors can change the image of you arch into something undesirable. For a beach wedding, the combination of anthuriums and birds of paradise is all that your wedding arch needs in order to look stunning. For a fall wedding, add to the flowers leaves and choose flowers with colors that represent this season: various shades of red, orange, brown and yellow. Floral shops sell multiple patterns of leaves, so your wedding arch decorations won’t be simple and plain.

Wedding Arch (Source:

Wedding Arch (Source:

A Christmas wedding allows the couple to make decorations that are truly unique and to impress the invitees with all the wedding’s elements. Along with fall, the winter season is extremely promising and maybe because it isn’t very popular it allows couples to create unique weddings. A Christmas wedding arch can be embellished with bells, chocolates and candies, thus making a lively vibe that will dominate the atmosphere. Firstly, apply tulle on the arch’s surface and then simply tie the objects with colored ribbons. It will look fabulous and it will certainly make your wedding stand out. 


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