Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

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Getting married is for certain one of the most exciting even in your life. It is a life-changing moment if you want to say things straight. The young newlyweds are ready to take their love and commitment to a further level and become more responsible. They also promise to love and respect each other for the rest of their lives and live happily after!

This moment also involves the promise of children and other beautiful things that may occur in a couple’s life. But you should not feel nostalgic about your wedding, but look forward to the next ceremony and party you can throw in your honor. As the years go by, the couple feels the need to make a change in their lifestyle or even in their way of perceiving things. It’s also important for them to remind each other how important and beautiful their marriage is. To do this in a more formal and serious way you can plan a vow renewal ceremony. It’s true that experts in field don’t recommend this event very soon after your wedding day, but no one can prevent you from celebrating your wedding anniversary every single year.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas (Photo by: gail)

The need for renewing your wedding vows usually occurs later in life. There are many situations that determine a couple to opt for this event. Some of them are tired and exhausted after a long list of difficult moments in their life and need to give a refresh to their marriage and family, while others do this of too much joy and happiness! It’s customary for couples to plan a vow renewal ceremony at ten, thrifty or even at 50 years of marriage. You should not rush into making hasty decisions regarding this type of event just because you are eager to live again those special and precious moments of the day you got married. Wait for your kids to grow so that they can be part of this magical moment as well. Vow renewal ceremonies should be meaningful and personal. If modern weddings are based on intimacy and privacy, vow renewals ceremonies are family affairs based on close friends and family members.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas (Photo by: Steven Saus)

The planning process should start right away. You need to find the right location and most beautiful vow renewal dress. If you enjoyed your wedding day and you want to live again those precious moments, we suggest you go back to the place where your wedding took place. Or, it would be even more romantic to plan this ceremony where you guys first met or kissed. The original venue of the wedding is a good idea and a very popular choice, especially for those who still live near the venue. Go to a religious center and receive new blessings for your marriage. This is essential for people of faith. Outdoors and destination venues are other unique selections for those who want to renew their wedding vows. You need to think of the wedding processional with music, anniversary verses, vows and ideas that include your children.


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