Vintage Tiered Wedding Dresses

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Not all the brides of 2010 are fascinated with everything that is new and innovative regarding the wedding dresses. The funky cosmopolitan look is not made to suit all types of brides. Those brides who are just a bit more conservative or those who love the antique style can always vote for something more old fashion but beautifully designed in order to look chic, attractive, feminine and not dated at all.

There are many unique and inspiring creative styles and designs that appeared for vintage wedding dresses today, meant to suit only the brides who are more drawn to the old charming style than to the vanguradist one.

So, if you’re reading this article you are a 80% vintage wedding dress fan who wishes to find out more about this style and what designs can look appropriate and stunning for a wedding planned around this theme.

In general, such inspired wedding dresses are a bit more glamorous yet without being too extravagant and ostentatious, a bit more sophisticated but without crossing the laws of naturalness, a bit more chic, classy, coquette and simply feminine.

The vintage or the twenties inspired wedding dresses are definitely more funky, bold, nonchalant and provocative, but again, without being too strident and pompous or grating. The sophistication of a vintage inspired wedding dress lies in the details and in the softness and the refinement of the details.

We all know that the most popular types of antique or vintage themed wedding dresses are made of lace. But we are here to present a vintage tiered wedding dress in order to convince you that this style might be a stunning selection for a retro or a funky twenties themed wedding. The layered wedding dresses will always be in vogue, no matter the century and the trends that might be considered.

Ruffles, frills, tiers, puffy layers and textures are here to stay for good, and they can be seen in almost any type of wedding dress: formal, informal, casual, sophisticated, dramatic, fancy, modern, classy, colored, white, short, full length, with train or without. A vintage tiered wedding dress can make a very suitable choice for brides who understand the exact feel of the vintage era.

As long as the bride understands that the vintage style means nonchalance, emotion, cheerfulness, humor, refinement, gallantry, coziness, comfort, practicality, individuality, artistry, poetry, flirt, coquetry and daintiness, then she will know how to wear a vintage tiered wedding dress.

This type of dress can be worn on a more dramatically formal wedding if the layers are wider and spacious, following a ball gown style, or it can also suit a casual or a semi-formal wedding better if the tiers or the ruffles are more intricate and detailed. The layers can be made from lace, tulle or cotton.1

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One Response to Vintage Tiered Wedding Dresses

  1. patty says:

    Last year, me and my husband had quite a “low cost” wedding and i bought white satin and my mom made me this amazing dress. It had quite the cleavage and she added natural white roses to the dress in our wedding day. Who says you can’t have a cheap wedding dress?

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