Vietnamese Brides

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Vietnamese brides impress with their natural beauty and their traditional wedding dresses defined by a history that dates back to the 1700s. These Vietnamese wedding outfits were influenced by the Imperial Chinese ensemble worn during the Qing Dynasty quite a lot. But before taking interest in these Vietnamese wedding gowns, you should learn a few things about the everyday dress worn by men and women living in this country. This information will help you better understand the customs related to the traditional Vietnamese bridal gown.

Vietnamese Brides

Vietnamese Brides (Photo by: Jame and Jess)

The Vietnamese everyday dress worn by both men and women is called “Ao Dia” and is a long gown worn over loose pants made of silk. Traditionally, the length of the dress varies depending on each person’s choice. You should also know that the dress is made of various panels, which according to Vietnamese tradition indicate the wealth of the individual wearing the dress. You will also have the chance to notice that each Ao Dia comes with a certain neckline style, depending on personal taste and climate. So, this Vietnamese everyday dress can have a rigid and high neckline, known by many people as the mandarin style, or a boat neckline design, which is actually a low cut. The Ao Dia dress is also available in various colors, but, in the past, each color had a specific meaning so not all colors were wearable by a certain person. For instance, the Vietnamese adult women used everyday dresses in bold colors while school age girls were usually dressed up in white Ao Dias.

Speaking of the traditional Vietnamese wedding dress, I must mention that, on her wedding day, the Vietnamese bride wears over her Ao Dia an outer robe called “Ao Choang”. This outer robe ensures a more formal and elegant look. In addition, it usually comes colored in bright pink, red being another popular option. Some of the modern local brides also choose colors like bright yellow or gold. It’s also possible to see this outer robe displaying a collar and cuffs enriched by gold embroidery or writing. Sometimes, on the Ao Choang you will also find embroidered the names of the couple and beautiful patterns like gold dragons, a phoenix or flowers. According to Vietnamese wedding customs, having embroidered a phoenix on your wedding gown equals enjoying a new blessed beginning.

This traditional Vietnamese wedding dress is still worn by many of the modern Vietnamese brides in the country. Besides this dress, the traditional Vietnamese bridal outfit also includes a stylish headwear called Khan Dong. This is actually an upside down hat with an opening at the top that allows it to sit perfectly in place. It’s available in various colors and usually matches the bride’s wedding dress. You also have the opportunity to find these wedding hats available in a cone-shaped design created using woven dried flowers.

Vietnamese Brides

Vietnamese Brides (Photo by: Henry Tseng)

Overall, the traditional wedding dress of Vietnamese brides is considered to be one of the most beautiful bridal outfits in the world being made of high quality silk and enriched by interesting gold patterns. However, some Vietnamese brides still opt for a Western bridal look.

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