Vietnamese Bride

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Are you planning a traditional Vietnamese wedding? Then you should know that by incorporating some of the rich and colorful wedding traditions of this country you will be able to organize a memorable event. A traditional Vietnamese wedding starts with a formal engagement of the couple which involves following certain customs. Usually, this engagement ceremony requires the presence of family members who will negotiate the engagement by making a formal proposal and exchanging gifts. This ceremony is an important commitment for both the bride and groom and the two families who will become in-laws.

Vietnamese Bride

Vietnamese Bride (Photo by: Mike Fernwood)

When it comes to the actual traditional Vietnamese wedding, the families and friends of the bride and groom pay a lot of attention in order to organize a sophisticated and luxurious event. They always factor in the idea that a couple marries only once in their life. Before the day of the wedding ceremony, both families create a frame using coconut, banana and palm leaves and place it in front of their houses. At the top of each frame are written in yellow the words “Tan Hon” (just married) in the groom’s case and “Vu Quy” (leaving for her husband’s house) in the bride’s case. The wedding day begins with the groom and his family traveling to the bride’s house in order to exchange gifts of food.

On this special day both the bride and the groom are dressed in beautiful traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits. Both of them will wear a national dress called “Ao Dai” which is actually a long tunic featuring slits on the sides. The groom wears this silk tunic over a pair of silk trousers. On the other hand, the bride usually adds to the Ao Dai, an outer robe which can be red or bright pink. Sometimes, this outer robe impresses with unique trimmings along the cuffs, collar and back. To complete her Vietnamese wedding outfit the bride also wears a matching headpiece called “non la” which is actually a cone-shaped hat designed from woven leaves. You also have the opportunity to see the bride wearing a “khanh vanh” which is a hat defined by a saucer shape.

Vietnamese Bride

Vietnamese Bride (Photo by: Jame and Jess)

During the wedding ceremony, both the bride and the groom say their wedding vows and exchange wedding rings. An interesting Vietnamese wedding tradition involves placing earrings and a necklace into the bride’s ears and around her neck, respectively. This is something that the groom does. He actually has to offer her the most expensive jewels possible in order to prove his worthiness as husband. After the wedding ceremony, the newly married couple and their families and friends go to the wedding reception which can take place at a restaurant which is beautifully decorated and includes a live band for entertaining the guests. The bride’s house is also considered suitable for holding the wedding reception. During the dinner that follows, the married couple mingles in order to thank their guests for their participation and to receive well wishes and gifts. At the end of the party, the couple leaves for the groom’s house because now the bride belongs to his family.


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