Victorian Wedding Dresses

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Many brides of today are searching for the uniqueness factor in their wedding dress. They all want their gown to be outstanding and if possible, out of the ordinary. One type of dress that is not common anymore, but it used to be very voguish at some point is the Victorian style wedding dress. This type of garment was popular during the early 1900s. Many wedding dress designers of the moment like to browse through antique and vintage inspired outfits and get inspired for their own bridal collections. Many fashion designers feature old-century models in their portfolios.

There are specialized creators who design vintage dresses especially for those who have a passion for this field. The Victorian style is one of the most conservative and rarely found today on the market. But its distinctive flair and elegance make it one of the most romantic and interesting for a modern bride. There is something retro-romantic about this style that can fit any woman who wants to add a touch of old whimsicality to her wedding. The style of Victorian bridal gowns is more difficult to define. But you can recognize one by the multiple layers and rich fabric incorporated in the silhouette. The norm during that époque was based on modest wedding dresses.

Victorian Wedding Dresses

Victorian Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Chantel Beam)

Although many women of today don’t feel close to that style, Victorian fashions had their success at that time. They were considered representative for the woman’s social status of that period. Those of you who want to recreate the magic of that time can wear a glorious Victorian dress at their wedding. Not many brides are into retro fashions, but we know a few who want to adopt this style for their big day, as a mark of exclusivity and originality. It was customary for brides of that era to wear colored dresses at the ceremony. But the 20th century brought the official white color in this field and this is how the tradition of white wedding dresses started. It was considered a valuable wedding custom to keep the dress in a safe place after the wedding and pass it on to the next bride in the family.

Victorian Wedding Dresses

Victorian Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Sherry's Rose Cottage)

Victorian wedding dresses were interpreted as real heirloom pieces. They were passed on from one generation to another, although future brides-to-be were allowed to have a different vision of preference and even to modify the gown they received. The standard Victorian wedding gown is a simple dress based on ivory and not neat white. This dress was often made with a wide gathered skirt and many petticoats worn underneath. This is how the full skirt was actually made during that period. The neckline of Victorian wedding dresses was adorned in ruffled lace. This was a popular trend of dresses of that time. The Victorian bride always looked slim and beautiful due to the laced bodice they could tie to fit tightly on their waist. The bridal veil was also made of lace with floral patterns. The train often had a floor length, flowing alongside with the train.


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