Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress

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Choosing an ethnic or cultural theme for your wedding is a fabulous thing to do, especially if you are original from a unique beautiful region. Our surprise is to see that couples of different states decide to go for a destination wedding and a foreign wedding tradition. This idea seems flattering for those who have a passion for a certain country or region of the world. One of the trendiest or hottest places to go for a wedding is Mexico. Many brides and grooms of all ages are taking this route for their big day and they are all happy with the results so far.

There are many special customs you can steal from Mexican people for your wedding ceremony and reception. It just depends how elaborated you are willing to go. You should know from the start that original Mexican weddings are very sophisticated events, based on a lot of fun, entertainment and bright colors. There is a lot of delicious food and desserts involved in a Mexican wedding reception, as well as loud music and diverting dances. It’s a blessing to host or participate at a Mexican wedding. If you want to live a special experience, we suggest you choose an authentic Spanish theme for your wedding. We love the Hispanic style, in all its beautiful dimensions.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress (Photo by: Thomas Quine)

It’s flattering for a bride to wear a flamenco wedding dress with a ruffled skirt and a long vibrant train designed in a Mexican style. Brides who are proud of their Mexican heritage should find a way to incorporate more of their family traditions in their wedding. Mexican Americans are very happy with the customs practiced in their weddings. They are very cheerful and friendly people, and in most cases their weddings are based on hundreds of invitees and a lot of special entertaining moments. There are regions and families where a traditional Mexican wedding lasts even for three days in a row! We like this people because they care for their cultural background, heritage and history. The wedding rituals they practice are full of signification, but it’s true that not everybody submits to it. There are many aspects of the period of engagement and nuptial for you to learn more about before planning a Mexican wedding.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress (Photo by: Tim & Annette Gulick)

If you don’t have rich roots in this culture you may not be able to deepen all their amazing rites and symbols. The attire for a Mexican bride is usually white and very formal, despite the fact that this culture is based on a lot of details and ornaments. The traditional veil of the Mexican bride is called mantilla and it is usually adorned with intricate embroideries along the edges. In most cases it is chapel length cut, made of lace. In our opinion, it is one of the most romantic veils a bride can choose for her wedding. The flamenco style frock is also popular in certain regions, as well as the simple white dress with a matching jacket. Simple sundresses decorated with brightly colored floral patterns and zig-zags are also specific for Mexican brides.


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