Tips For Original Weddings In Detroit

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If you are going to get married soon and you have taken care of almost all the details but you are still not satisfied with everything, if you think and feel that there’s something that is missing in order to be certain that your wedding will be special, here are some simple ideas that can help you turn your wedding into a dreamy one:

1. Order a rubber stamp with your name and the name of your future husband and apply it on napkins, testimonies labels, cards indicating the location on the tables or anywhere you want.

2. Use original testimonials: printed glass candleholders, matches, or personalized trinkets, bells engraved with your names, cakes representing hearts, angels, mini soaps packaged in veil in the wedding theme color, engraved corks or even lottery tickets stamped with your name.

3. Do you want a stylish wedding? Then, a guest register is a must, where your guests will write something on their arrival. You can do it by yourself, by using a big cardboard notebook that might be wrapped in cloth, lined with silk and sponge. After the wedding, make sure to stick on its cover a framed photo presenting you two.

4. Appropriate fifts for bridesmaids can be represented by all sorts of cosmetic bags or purse mirrors with their monograms, and for the groomsmen you can order beer mugs emblazoned with their names. You should necessarily add your name and your lover’s name as well as the wedding date.

5. Crepe paper lanterns are more interesting than balloons; they can be gathered easily and they can be reused on other occasions, if you decide to buy them.

6. Tree lights – increase the romance of your wedding by decorating the room with tree branches in which you can place white lights or burning candles.

7. Fruit bouquets: lemons and oranges cut in half – you can always add a flower between them – stuck in wood sticks (as for skewers) and placed in transparent vases filled with leaves, moss berries or sliced fruits.

8. The wedding night – have you prepared your underwear for your first night as a married woman? But what will your groom wear? Buy a set of boxers for him (maybe even a cotton undershirt and boxers) and engrave them with his name. You can do the same for yourself. On the other hand, you can also engrave yours with “Madame X” and his with “Mr. X”.

9. If you have friends who have children, ask them to come with their children earlier for the party in order to take photos with them and your husband.

10. Ask someone to record a statement of love for your husband and ask a DJ to overlay it on the music at the beginning of the opening dance. He will certainly be dumbfounded.

11. Ask your photographer to take an unprecedented set of pictures: first with you in the foreground, with your hands outstretched as if you were holding something in your hand and with your lover in the background, much further back, so that it might look as if you are holding him in your hand, then exchange roles. If a couple who is about to get married in Detroit needs a professional photographer, the simplest way to find him/her is by searching for him/her on the Internet, on the Detroit Photographers Gallery or on its partner websites and to choose the one that you consider to be the best.

12. Disco party – Try to get a strobe and ask the DJ to make it function when more people are gathered on the dance floor. It is a sign that the party has begun!1

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