The Significance Of Wedding Rings

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Like many other wedding items, the wedding rings have their own signification and precious meaning. The majority of elements used in a wedding are good for something. The wedding rings are the symbols of the sacred marriage and the commitment of a life of loyalty and fidelity between the partners. However, the rings may carry different significations – but not exaggeratedly different – in different countries and regions. It’s customary for brides to wear a wedding ring ever since Ancient Egyptian eras.

The rings for grooms are a bit more modern. They become a stable practice only later in time, when the industry of wedding rings also became richer and more sophisticated. There are still various traditions and customs regarding the wedding jewelry – especially for the bride – in different regions and cultures. For instance, the Indian brides are seen wearing a big amount of jewelries at the neck, on their forehead, on their hands, fingers and even on their feet.

The Significance Of Wedding Rings

The Significance Of Wedding Rings (Photo by: Promise Tangeman)

They are adorned with sparkling ornaments from head to toes. So, the trend with wedding rings started in Ancient Egypt. Women of those times used to wear more decorations and so the tradition of wedding rings began there. The big surprise is that they used to make their wedding rings from twisted hemp. This was the fabric that symbolized immortality. And when associated with marriage, twisted hemp wedding rings signify immortal love. The ring was a circular confection and the shape symbolized undying love and everlasting communion. This type of wear was similar to the wear of wedding rings in ancient Rome.

The Significance Of Wedding Rings

The Significance Of Wedding Rings (Photo by: Drew And Merissa)

The tradition among ancient roman brides was in fact adopted from the Egyptians. They used to fashion wedding rings from iron and this is how the wedding rings soon became an industry. This culture was the one to institute the wear of the wedding ring on the third finger. They believed that this finger has a vein leading straight to the heart. This is what they called the “vena amoris”. However, the surprise is that Roman couples weren’t as romantic as they may seem at a first glance. And we say this because they practiced bigamy. The wedding ring also carried a more “political” signification. In many cases, the roman wedding band represented ownership. So a wife was regarded as a property of her man.

The same thing happened for the slaves, and they wore the same type of ring. In other cultures, the wedding ring carried different meanings. For instance, in the early Middle East, the sheiks and sultans used to have many brides. They often wore silver rings, usually important from China. The rings here signified devotion from the wives to their husbands – who were regarded as their masters. The era after the Middle Ages was the era of silver and gold wedding rings. These types of precious metals became more popular and they were also more elaborated. In many situations the rings during the Middle Ages were decorated with gems. Even today we know that rubies are the symbol of pure hearts and sapphires signify the heaves.


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