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The contemporary couple is always in doubt when it comes to choosing a unique theme for their wedding. The biggest challenge is that this theme must fit the wedding style they’re planning, the venue and formality of the event. Moreover, the theme should be easy to insert in all wedding items and versatile enough to play it in different manners. If it is beautiful and original but difficult to implement, you should renounce and pick something else. So, make sure that before you make a drastic decision you test the feasibility of your theme.

We say this because if you choose a very wild or funky style you may not be able to insert it or incorporate it in your wedding cake and other important items of the party. Although anything is possible now – even the weirdest dream can turn into reality with the amazing help and talent of our wedding designers, we think that it would be wiser to play with a simple yet unique theme. Simplicity seems to be the key to successful wedding celebrations.

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec0.pinterest.com)

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec0.pinterest.com)

We picked for today a very beautiful theme and very inspiring in the same measure. This theme is for your cake, but it can be easily utilized for other essential wedding fields and aspects. This theme is based on rich and inedited textures. We don’t know if you guys had the chance to explore the new cake designs inspired by fashion. These confections appeared lately in this field and they managed to impress everyone through their subtle opulence and refinement. We like it when a wedding cake is not plain and predictable, but original and eye-catchy.

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

However, the outstanding element here is based on very cute and simple details. This is the unique charm of beautiful textured designs. You get to choose any shape and color for your cake and adorn it with a unique texture. In these cases, we can talk about different types of patterns and embroideries. Fashion-inspired wedding cakes are a big trend at this hour. They are everywhere and we have to admit that they look very attractive. Even those who want a traditional cake can find a design to fit their style without looking outdated.

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

Texture Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

These pieces look classy and elegant although the style is very fresh and modern. We enjoy very much the fact that these designers used the classic white theme to make these creative textures. The effect is awesome, giving the fact that no one really expects to see this conventional color looking so unique and expressive. The first cake on this picture is our favorite. It is one of the hottest confections in white we’ve seen lately. This cake comes in a very whimsical design as it combines different shapes and textures. We can observe here ruffling, beading and dotting effects. These techniques of adorning a cake are pretty ingenious and efficient. The big ruffled flower with a pinkish tint makes all the difference. The second cake feature dots and romantic artistic patterns, while the latest one is based on lace.  


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