Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dresses

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It’s not mandatory to have a vintage wedding, cocktail party or another special occasion to be wearing a tea length gown. This style is rooted in the vintage couture, that’s right, but nowadays anyone can wear it, even those who are not big fans of the old-fashion look. In our opinion, the tea length design is very hot and sexy and it can fit and flatter both young and mature women.

However, we are here today to recommend this type of length to mothers of the bride. The cut, the design and the length of the skirt is very important for a mature woman. Moms are very exigent and selective when it comes to these sorts of things. They normally prefer something more decent and gallant. And this is why simplicity is the key to a successful old woman look. The mature wear is usually based on simple and clean cuts, subtle details and unique accents.

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: reallycheapdress.com)

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: reallycheapdress.com)

We are happy to see that more and more designers are interested in the mother of the bride & groom dress field and in creating more and more beautiful outfits for their wear. The mother look is not matronly anymore. You should start shopping for the perfect gown according to the current trends. This way you can be sure your look will not be momsy and definitely not old-looking. We know modern moms want to wear something trendier for their daughter’s wedding, something that can make them feel important and special.

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: grabdress.com)

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: grabdress.com)

Mothers are definitely among the most remarkable and important guests for a bride and groom. They have been there in good and in bad and this is why they deserve, more than anyone to look at their best on your wedding day. Brides can shop for their own gown and for their mother’s dress with their mothers. This way they can choose matching models. There is a trend that says white for the bride and white & black for her mother.

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: cloud5.lbox.me)

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: cloud5.lbox.me)

We fancy this idea and we think it’s pretty chic and interesting for a modern wedding. The tea length style can look even more fashionable and elegant when colored in white and black, don’t you think? The most popular types of necklines that come with this length are the V-necks. You can also find pretty designs with halter straps or even with one-shoulder straps. The sleeved models are for those who want more coverage for their shoulders and arms.

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: brides.com)

Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dress (Source: brides.com)

If you want your dress to be just more elegant, opt for short sleeved design. The sleeves can be cap pr petal shaped. The ¾ length sleeves are very trendy nowadays for both brides and special occasion wear. And for this style we recommend lace or another net or sheer fabric. The effect will be stunning! As for the colors, anything can fit today. The palettes range from soft pastel shades to bolder tones and metallic hues. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you pick the style that matches the wedding color-scheme or theme.


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