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One of the biggest craze at the moment in weddings is the tattoo wedding ring. Not many are opting for this style but many are drawn to this unusual idea. We know modern couples are always looking for unique ways of making their wedding a special day and their outfits and appearances as original as possible. In the verve of searching for the most beautiful wedding ring for the ceremony, some couples forget that the rings are meant to last a lifetime. They are caught up in the wedding planning process and they forget that the rings are not only for the wedding day but forever! And what better way to make your wedding ring a permanent one than by getting it tattooed on your finger!

This is a totally new way of getting wild, creative and fun at your wedding, and a more efficient way of differentiating yourself as a couple and personality. Not everybody can afford to play so wild and funky. This is why you can be sure to benefit of exclusivity while choosing this style. Adventurous brides and grooms who want something off the beat and less conventional will surely respond positively to this proposal. This ring style is not a new entry, since this practice has been there for centuries. But it seems that this alternative started to grow in popularity during the last few years.

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

Many celebrities are choosing this path and this is one of the many reasons for why common couples choose this style for their own wedding. Contemporary newlyweds like everything that’s hot and trendy. And the tattooed wedding ring is one of the most fashionable alternatives to traditional looks. Besides the fashion factor, we also have to underline the importance of the practical factor. Those who work in dangerous fields, like mechanics or doctors can’t normally wear a wedding ring on their finger while performing their activities.

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

This is why the tattoo ring style is a much more ingenious and inspired choice. Many people are in these fields or in other similar activities that don’t allow them to wear a big diamond ring while working. Instead of wandering around looking for a practical ring that can also be attractive and elegant, why not go for the tattooed style? It’s true that you have to decide upon the most beautiful and unique design in this case too, but the stress is not that big. Nevertheless, those who are afraid of getting a tattoo might not find this alternative one of the easiest to follow.

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoo Rings (Source:

 If you’re afraid it will hurt, think of how incommodious the metal of a real ring will make you feel after a few years! Conservative newlyweds might also disapprove of being inked. Another great advantage of getting a tattooed wedding ring is the lower price. In general, these types of rings can cost less than $100, if the design is not intricate. We know many couples just love the idea of having a permanent symbol of love on their body. 


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