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A more serious commitment than the real wedding rings are perhaps the tattooed wedding rings. This type of practice is not new, but it is not one of the most popular either. Nevertheless, it seems that more and more brides and grooms are interested in adopting this quirky style for their own. It’s true that only the off the beat couples are willing to embrace this look and try something rather unconventional and unusual. But it’s not obligatory for you to consider yourself an adventurous couple who want something a bit more strange or whimsical.

There are so many unique tattoo wedding ring patterns to choose from that anyone who wants something permanent and artistic can go for it. This type of ring will never come off and you won’t be able to lose it either. Isn’t this good news? We know that many modern couples are involved in different types of stressful and dangerous activities that can cause harm to a real metal wedding ring. Those who are busier in their social life and can’t afford to wear a sparkling big diamond ring can opt for this alternative.

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

The prices are also more attractive and the results sensational! We are kind of happy to see that this trend has started to gain in popularity. We’ve decided to discuss today about Celtic tattoo wedding bands and offer you a few relevant guidelines and tips on their significance, history, designs and other important features. One of the richest sources of inspiration for a wedding ring designer is the Celtic style. Irish people usually choose only Celtic rings for their wedding because this style is full of unique significance, to them and to weddings and marriages in general. Those of you who wish for a ring that holds a distinctive type of meaning can opt for a Celtic pattern. You can get it tattooed in any color, finger and design you want.

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

The Celtic symbols that are available for wedding rings and bands are very significant. You can select from Celtic knots, loops, crosses, waves and many more unique patterns that seem endless. These designs are profound symbols of eternity and unity. They are considered traditional and sacred. In genera, Irish couples decide to wear classic Celtic rings made of silver and other specific metals. But a more impressive and artistic alternative is to go for the tattooed style.

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

Wedding Band Tattoos (Source:

You can express your heritage, your creativity, your unique personality and your beautiful union with a beautiful tattooed Celtic band that will never get lost of removed from your finger. The Claddagh rings and cross Celtic designs are the most popular styles you can get inspired from or choose for your tattoo. The braided rope design is another symbolic and common style among Irish people. You can pair the tattoo band with an actual wedding ring to make a bolder statement. Celtic ring designs date back around 800 A.D. and they still manage to make a good impression on modern couples from different corners of the world.


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