Symbolism Of Candles In A Wedding

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Believe it or not, every single traditional item used in a wedding has a deeper meaning that one can think of at a first thought. Nowadays, weddings are sophisticated events based on a lot of aesthetics and personal touches and less on conventions or ancient symbols. But the truth is that there is a deeper significance of the wedding day that some couples like to enhance, while others tend to ignore. However, we think that this subject is very intriguing even for those who are not passionate about keeping track of every part of the wedding and finding out what it means.

Overall, weddings are spiritual celebrations where a man and a woman are united in the eyes of God. There are many newlyweds who don’t care for the religious factor and so they choose a simple ceremony in a neutral style. These types of affairs are very impersonal and cold in contrast to the intensity of this day. It would be wonderful if all couples could adhere to the meaningful wedding by choosing a church or chapel ceremony. But let’s return to our subject. If you can’t seem to find the time to read more on weddings and their symbolism you can look only for the meanings you’re interested in. Let’s take, for instance, the candles. These items are part of the vast majority of weddings and they can be interpreted as traditional decorations. But more than decorative items, they are wedding symbols.

Symbolism Of Candles In A Wedding (Source:

Symbolism Of Candles In A Wedding (Source:

The reality is that these conventional items and their use have been updated to suit the formality and styles of modern weddings. Although they come nowadays in various shapes, colors and flavors, they still carry a special significance to a wedding and to the bride and groom. Some say that candles represent the two families becoming one, while others believe that the candles are the manifestations of prayers for the new life of the newlyweds. We have to admit that besides their sacred use, candles are also gorgeous decorative elements that can add glow and romanticism to a wedding ceremony or reception. There is a unique type of rite based on candles in a wedding. The rite is called the Unity Candle Ceremony and it is about the uniting of husband and wife.  

Symbolism Of Candles In A Wedding (Source:

Symbolism Of Candles In A Wedding (Source:

This manifestation is a visual symbol of the bonding between a man and a woman for the rest of their lives. In some situations, the couples’ families light two candles, one for the bride and one for the groom. Then the newlyweds take the candles from their families and light one pillar candle. This ceremony is about two paths becoming one, and also about the single future that is to be shared by the new couple. Those who are getting married for the second time use their children to light up the candles and hold them. Other couples use a big candle to symbolize their commitment and faith to God. We can refer here to the five wise maidens and their candles used to discover Christ.  


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