Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dresses

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In this article we are happy to present you a few of our favorite dresses from Svetlana Lyalina, created by this designer for her ultimate 2011 fall bridal collection. We recommend this couturier’s collections to all contemporary brides who want to wear something truly extravagant, high class and sophisticated on their wedding day.

Her creations are among the most luxurious, richly detailed and creative of all the models that you can find in a designer’s portfolio today! You should definitely browse the internet for more dress designs created by Lyalina for her collections and see more exemplar and spectacular styles that you can choose from for your own ample wear. We like the fact that her collection always have something of the royal flair and majestic vibe and this is why we recommend them especially to the brides who are planning a big, elaborated and grandiose type of wedding.

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dresses

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dress from

If you always wanted to wear something pompous and fancy on your wedding, something that can make you look like a modern princess, then you should definitely take into consideration wearing a gorgeous Lyalina wedding dress. These pieces that we’re presenting here are a bit more simplistic, if we can say so give the intricate and rich detailing work made of the fabrics. But in comparison to the other designs created for her summer collections, these Svetlana Lyalina fall wedding dresses here surely look more “quiet”, unassuming and refined. They can make a wonderful attire selection for the mature brides or for those of you who are planning a second time wedding.

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dresses

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dress from

The yellow gold accent styles are the ones that can fit perfectly those of you who want something more serious, rigorous, decent and highly elegant. We love the creative necklines, the artistic patterns, the rich details and the dazzling embellishments envisioned for the majority of the dresses that we can find in this collection. And these elements are the ones that manage to take these dresses to a further level of fashion, beauty, glamour, sophistication and uniqueness.

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dresses

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dress from

For this collection Lyalina thought to combine the old and the new style in obtaining more authentic and highly inspiring designs that can fit many types of brides and their unique preferences. We love the classic silhouettes that look so timelessly romantic and feminine beautified with all kinds of innovative details and trendy patterns! The ruffles, the flower appliqués, the frills and the modern pleats make these Svetlana Lyalina fall wedding dresses both fashionable and classic!

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dresses

Svetlana Lyalina Fall Wedding Dress from

The silvery fabrics used for some of these pieces, as well as the platinum vibe and sleek silhouettes can make the perfect fit for brides who adore the lustrous look and wish to wear something eye-catchy, shiny and glowing on the big day! If you choose to wear one of these enchanting Svetlana Lyalina fall wedding dresses, you can be sure that your look or appearance is going to be remarkable, precious, one of a kind and unforgettable! The good news is that this collection contains both ample and simpler silhouettes!

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