Sunflower Wedding Arrangements

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For all brides who are planning a wonderful wedding in the fall season perhaps these stunning pictures of sunflower wedding arrangements will make a splendid source of inspiration. However, sunflowers are actually more fitted for summer time weddings since their name and their blooms point to the sun! But the truth is that they look gorgeous especially for autumnal wedding receptions where their yellow shapes are able to brighten up the atmosphere and the décor!

We recommend these fabulous flowers for all of you who are happy to be planning a charming wedding in the middle of nature, such as in a country-side, on an open field or anywhere else in a backyard or garden. The dark centers and the splendid vibrant yellow or orange petals make them excellent flower choices for cheerful and energizing weddings. After all, all weddings should be joyful and playful because this is supposed to be the happiest day in a couple’s life! Well, the color scheme or the theme that she has chosen for her wedding is always a personal decision.

However, we must mention that the black and yellow theme is very popular although the flower choices are not sunflowers. This theme is quite dramatic, elegant and classy, despite the fact that the bright yellow nuances are there to bring more enthusiasm and exuberance to the wedding. One can decide to use these sensational flowers alone – in simplistic or more elaborated arrangements, or in combination with other flowers. Sunflowers look excellent when mixed with marigolds, gerbera daises or chrysanthemums and asters. There are yet plenty other types of blooms that look gorgeously well next to sunflowers and these are: narcissuses, tulips, roses or hydrangeas.

You just need to find your own clever combination that can match the wedding theme, the season and the formality of the wedding. We suggest you to use the sunflowers in simple and clean arrangements because these marvelous lavish flowers look at their best in natural touch and classy bouquets. Do not use too many stems if you don’t want to obtain a too pompous and strident or ostentatious bouquet. Keep it all stylish and chic in order to achieve a successful sunflower wedding arrangement for the wedding. You can use a single stem and create a more dramatic, classy and dainty arrangement, or you can use three or five blooms to compose a more extravagant bouquet.

However, we can easily remark that sunflowers are sophisticated in their own shape, majestic stature and lavish appearance and that they are natural at the same time. It’s not hard to create your own arrangements using these long and firm stemmed wedding flowers. They are quite easy to handle and they look stupendous when used in taller vases or in other recipients. For a summer time wedding perhaps sunflowers would look even more refreshing, vibrant and inviting if accented or enriched with a few lavish green leaves or herbals. Find your own bouquet designs and shapes that work best for your wedding by simply browsing for more pictures of various sunflower wedding arrangements on the Internet.1

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