Snowflake Wedding Cakes

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There is nothing more sparkling for a winter wedding than a beautiful wedding cake adorned with snowflakes. It seems that more and more couples of today are interested in holiday themes for weddings. They all want something special and unique and what could be more special and memorable than a Christmas wedding? The winter season is beloved by many people, contrary to what we might think. And those who don’t have snow in their region have more reasons to opt for a snowflake wedding cake.

This design is ideal for any type of winter wedding. It’s not mandatory to plan the wedding on a Christmas day to bring a snowflake cake at the reception. The snowflake motif is ideal for any type of wedding formality. It can fit both classic and contemporary affairs, as well as both casual and dramatic parties. However, you should find the perfect compromise between the formality of the wedding and your own vision. This theme can suit different cake designs and shapes: round, hexagonal, square, oval or even heart shapes.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

You can use it in various ways and patterns: scattered, applied, painted or embroidered. There are many types of ingredients you can use to create life like snowflakes. If you don’t have a big budget to purchase a couture design you can always create your own. If you have a few basic skills and abilities in working with ingredients, flavors, colors and fabric then you can design and adorn your own cake. Many couples decide to decorate the cake on their own: firstly, because it is cheaper and secondly, because the satisfaction is bigger.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

You have more chances to obtain a personalized look if you choose to beautify the cake according to your own vision and taste. Anyone can purchase a cheap cake with as simple clean design from a local bakery and adorn it the style and theme of the wedding. You guys can find lots of unique decorative items in craft stores and specialized boutiques that can help you obtain a charming design that can suit the formality, the venue, the season and the color-scheme of the wedding.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

If you want something more complex you can create a wintry landscape with icy blue lakes and snow covered fields. Or, if you prefer something simpler, use only delicate snowflake designs. The cake can be filled with a creamy texture or with something spicier, like fruits or cheese. Buttercream is our recommendation for those who want something more tasty, fluffy and delicious.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

Snowflake Wedding Cakes (Source:

Fondant is for smooth coverings and an impeccable surface. Royal icing and meringue cakes are also beautiful and very elegant. Coconut snowflake cakes are ideal for winter receptions. White is definitely the color you should go with. This nuance fits both the season and the snowflake appearance. But icy blue designs are also trendy and suitable for this theme. The flurry magic of the winter season can be beautifully reflected by a cream or ivory snowflake wedding cake.


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