Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration

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We are back with another great post about single tier wedding cakes. We love this subject because it is of a very big interest among our cake makers and couples. 1 tier wedding cakes are very trendy and very sought-after by our newlyweds. Every bride and groom prefers to go for something fresh and modern, and we think that this cake style is ideal for a 2012 wedding reception.

The traditional design with five and seven layers is no longer the only option or the most inspired selection for a contemporary wedding. There are many models to consider these days, where the small and mini cakes are the most appreciated. We are kind of exciting to see that the elaborated types of weddings planned a few centuries ago are now based on such simple and minimalist things. The simplicity promoted today in weddings is chic, elegant and versatile. These are beautiful qualities to work with and benefit from when adopting the simple style.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Nevertheless, not in all cases a small cake is also simpler! It depends on the preferences of each couple in part. And not all small weddings have to be cheap or economical. Those who are on a budget should definitely pick a simpler cake which can help them cut the wedding expenses, no doubt about it. And those who are planning a smaller wedding party should bring a smaller cake. This is why it may seem at a time that the simplicity, the minimalist design and the affordability factor come together in the same package.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Single tier wedding cakes are extremely dainty, playful and fun in the same time. Who said that you single layer cake can’t look just as decadent as a larger design? We have to admit that many couples of today decide to purchase a plain white cake from a local bakery and then buy different unique decorations to adorn the cake at home, with their own hands and imagination. This is a more affordable alternative for those who can’t afford to go big, pompous and expensive. There are many gorgeous decorative items that you can choose for your cake’s adornment.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

All you need is a little bit of time, imagination, creativity and will to do it. One great thing about mini cakes of a single tier is that you can use them as centerpieces or parts of the décor in the reception. They can play a triple role in fact: as wedding cakes, as table centerpieces and as guest favors. The trend with cupcakes has been successfully replaced with small cakes.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

Single Tier Wedding Cakes Inspiration (Source:

We like this new trend because it is more expressive, more affordable and more diversified. You can bring different cakes in different shades, flavors, shapes and designs. If you think your cake looks just too small and plain when placed on the table, use a cake stand to lift the tier and make the confection look bigger. You can also put a unique topper on it to add more sophistication to the overall design.


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