Simple Wedding Dresses: Elegant Styles For Summer Weddings

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They say that the inner beauty of a bride reveals itself within the choice of the wedding dress she makes for her Big Day. We are so glad to hear that modern brides are more interested in choosing an airy look, without many ornaments, pompous hairstyles and strident makeup that hide their true beauty. Simplicity is beauty’s secret and our brides seem to understand it more clearly now that the natural style is back in trend. 

Contemporary brides are often called to make a choice between dresses that are either or too sophisticated or too simple. It is therefore difficult to find a silhouette that keeps the balance between uniqueness and elegance.

Simple Wedding Dresses: Elegant Styles For Summer Weddings

Simple Wedding Dresses: Elegant Styles For Summer Weddings (Photo by: sevenyearitchs)

Simple wedding dresses are considered today the most elegant. Simple cuts have always been considered very chic and suitable for elegant women. A-line wedding dresses are the most versatile and sought after among both young and mature brides. Wedding gowns that fall simple in a soft A-line shape, and have fewer embellishments are able to create the illusion of a thin, elongated silhouette. These models are great choices for brides who want to appear taller and slimmer. Sumptuous dresses decorated with many folds and ruffles are not recommended for fuller brides.

The fabrics used for simple, decent wedding dresses decent are extremely sot and also very comfortable. Dresses made of natural fibers, carefully selected are fluid and easy to wear.  They allow the bride to feel comfortable during the day, young and feminine. Some models are smooth, flowing, with motifs inspired by nature. White silk, organza, layers of ruffles and satin embroidered lines are only a few examples. Those gowns with semi-transparent lace overlays and floral applications are ideal selections for brides who want a simple yet romantic dress.

2013 year is definitely the year of classic wedding dresses with a bit of a vintage and ultra-modern flair. The shades are pale, extremely refined and feminine: ivory, white, champagne, nude, pin rose, gold and other pastel shades that match perfectly the simple antique style. The volume is translucent and the details are more subtle and artistic than ever before.

The wedding dress style promoted today is much cleaner now. Simple wedding gowns are not tasteless, lacking of any aesthetic brilliance. This is a modern type of simplicity we’re talking about, one that is based on a sophisticated, yet more refined approach. Simple dresses can be accessorized with lace trims, pearls and rhinestones. There are not as elaborated as pompous ball gowns, but they are extremely feminine and delicate.

Ultimately, the perfect wedding dress for a bride’s big day should express the real symbols of a wedding. And these are: love, harmony, balance, devotion and eternal beauty. The message of a bride dressed in a simple white wedding dress without too many frills is always more approachable and easy to understand. Weddings are formal events, but a bride wearing a simple wedding dress can make a refined statement that will not be forgotten very soon. A very dramatic look doesn’t seem to fit such a deep, spiritual day, full of tenderness and delicacy.

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