Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas

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Planning your wedding by color is definitely something very exciting and thrilling, especially to those who have a favorite nuance and would like to share it with their guests. The gorgeous color scheme we’re proposing you today is based on three shades: silver, white and blue. These lovely nuances are ideal for winter weddings as they form a sparkling team. It’s one of the most irresistible palettes because of its delicate elegance and uniqueness. We like the way these nuances complement each other and the way they can be incorporated in a classic or modern winter affair. There are different shades of blue to choose from, while silver and white and more static.

The blue palette is large, and you can select the best tonality according to the formality of your wedding. For instance, if you care for something more dramatic, use a dark blue, like navy or ultramarine blue. A more gentle type of wedding can be enhanced with pale, turquoise or aqua blue shades. However, these nuances are all ideal for the beach! So don’t limit your choices only to the season. If you don’t like winter but you do enjoy this theme and you would like to use it in your wedding, choose a beach venue.

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

The teal nuance is the perfect selection for a modern destination wedding because it features both hints of blue and green. We also recommend the silver, white and blue palette to those who want a New Year’s Day Wedding or a country winter reception. Tiffany Blue is the softest one and the most luxurious-looking. You can use this theme to enhance the beauty of your wedding day and the special feeling floating in the air. No matter what you choose, this color combo looks very festive and it can make a great choice for an important celebration in your life. You can be sure that a silver, white and blue wedding will be one to remember for the rest of your life.

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

But let’s see how you can incorporate this beautiful color-combo in your party. Starting with the wedding setting you should look for tablecloths, napkins, table runners, chair covers and other wedding fabrics in these nuances. You can even use blue or silver glasses or flower recipients to complement a white backdrop. Use simple white plates and then incorporate some color in the food. Your guests will be flattered by your choice. Use silverware and silver chargers to create a more impressive table for the attendees. They add more highlight to the centerpieces and overall décor.

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

Silver, White & Blue Wedding Ideas (Source:

 It would be wonderful to use antique vases for the flowers. Use white blooms and silver urns or other vessels you like to create an elegant vintage look. If you want to use the same type of flower in all these colors, try with hydrangea. This flower is available in gorgeous combinations of white and blue shades and its lavish blooms can help you create sophisticated or simple arrangements for the tables and even for your wedding bouquet.


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