Short Puffy Wedding Dresses

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Those of you who are interested in wearing something more unconventional, hot and trendy on their big wedding day can always decide to opt for one of these beautiful short puffy wedding dresses we’re presenting you in the images below. The short style is in big demand these days, especially among young brides or among those who are planning a chic vintage wedding. There is no doubt that these short gowns are pretty attractive, eye-catchy and remarkable from afar.

However, we must admit that not all brides can find the courage to wear such extremist outfits on their wedding day, especially if the ceremony is a little bit more rigorous, formal and decent. Nevertheless, we think that these pretty gowns can make the perfect outfit selection for wedding party receptions. They can be worn as party dresses or as cocktail evening gowns, depending on the bride’s preferences or type of wedding. What we love the most about these sensational dresses is that they come in a very romantic and lavish puffy skirt style that can offer any bride a more feminine, playful and youthful appearance.

This is exactly why we recommend this style to younger brides who are looking for something more appealing and fun. However, any other type of bride can opt for this design as long as she is bold enough to show off her beautiful legs! Perhaps this is one of the most popular reasons why a bride would not want to wear a shorter wedding dress: the fact that their stems will be exposed for everyone to see. But there are advantages or good parts in in this concerns also and we would like to mention some of them here.

The first good news is that your bridal shoes will also be exposed for your guests to see, when in general underneath a full length voluminous dress the shoes are never revealed. One can interpret this either as a good part or as a bad part of the decision of wearing a shorter wedding dress. We are not here to convince you of anything. We can only suggest you a certain type of dress that you can choose or not for your own wedding. It all depends on the exact type of wedding you’re planning. We are convinced though that there are brides out there interested in seeing more of this style on the Internet and so we though to present few examples for you here.

We must also mention that all the gowns that you can admire on this page were created by Ouma designer and they can be found on this bridal couturier’s recent 2011 bridal collection. Another advantage of wearing a short puffy wedding dress is the comfort factor. Compared to those elaborated, pretentious and voluminous full length wedding gowns, the shorter style is definitely more practical, comfy and easy to wear. Besides this, the ballerina silhouette is pretty romantic, whimsy because of the tulle and the cotton fabric combination and very funky! Look for more gorgeous short wedding dresses on our website!1

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