Sheet Cake Wedding Cakes

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The cake that usually makes it to weddings is a work of art organized in various layers. However, it’s not the only type of cake that can impress at a wedding. Even a well-designed sheet cake can be suitable for such an event. In fact, sheet cakes are a source of various advantages that make them more desirable than the typical wedding cakes. Most of those advantages result from its rectangular shape and lack of tiers.

Sheet Cake Wedding Cakes

Sheet Cake Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Jim Reynolds)

For instance, because it’s easier to make, a sheet cake tends to cost less. Most of the times, you will pay between $2 and $10 per slice. The cost varies because it depends on the level of sophistication and the flavors of interest. Being easier to make, sheet wedding cakes are also the type of cake that you can order even with little time before the wedding. So, if for some reason you decide to put together a wedding in just 4 months, by ordering such a cake you will make sure your special event doesn’t lack the traditional dessert of interest. In addition, such a cake minimizes the risks of waste. When cutting a multi-tier cake many little pieces become unusable, so you are more likely to throw away perfectly good cake. On the other hand, because of its rectangular shape, sheet cake is easier to split into servings and cut. I must also add that the lack of tiers makes this type of cake more stable and less likely to fall into pieces when transported. That means unfortunate accidents are less likely to ruin the wedding cake. Not to mention that symmetry is easier to ensure while the design can be as complicated as you want it to be.

When it comes to designs, the list of possibilities is almost unlimited. For instance, you can choose to personalize the design by airbrushing a photo of the two of you on top of it. There’s also the possibility to use edible flowers in order to create an intricate design. Not to mention the ease with which entire phrases can be made part of the design. There’s also the possibility to play with the shape of the cake and its decorations in order to express your love for a sports or another type of activity.

Sheet Cake Wedding Cakes

Sheet Cake Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Anna)

I must also mention the possibility to put into the spotlight a multi-tiered cake and still take advantage of all the benefits that define sheet cakes. All you will have to do is use a fake cake for the cutting of the cake event and serve to the guests slices cut from a sheet cake, hidden in the back. It’s the perfect solution for following tradition while making sure you don’t spend more than you can afford, especially when many servings are necessary. What I also like about sheet cake is that it can be beautifully plated thanks to the perfect shapes in which it can be cut. You should consider using a chocolate or fruit sauce decoratively spread on the plate or some fresh fruits, beautifully sliced. Just make sure the decorations work with the type of cake served.


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