September Wedding Inspiration

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Choosing fall to be your lovely wedding month is a good idea for those who love the foliage and fruits of this season. The harvest season is growing in popularity as a wedding season and it seems that more and more newlyweds are thinking of choosing it for their big day. The reasons for making this decision are various. While some couples prefer the chilly air in the fall, others adore the changing leaves and the rusty landscape outdoors. Both indoors and alfresco fall ceremonies and receptions feel wonderful when decorated cleverly.

There are so many themes you can choose from for an autumn wedding! Those who are skeptical about this season because it’s just too gloomy and rainy for a wedding should take a look at the pictures we’ve posted below. You will see that a September is all that you need for a romantic atmosphere. We recommend those who are big fans of this season to take their wedding outside the doors. September is the warmest month of autumn and this is why you can still benefit of the vibrancy of summer. This month is actually on the brick of summer and in many cases it is just as warm and inviting as the August month.

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

The only difference is that the colors of the nature are turning rusty! We are convinced that you can find a beautiful place outside to exploit for your wedding. Choose a space that you can decorate in your own way or a beautiful landscape that can make up for the décor on its own. You don’t even have to add too many details or accents to make the setting look elegant, rich and sophisticated. The leaves and the trees will make a wonderful whimsical backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Many brides thought they were June brides, but they changed their mind and heart after seeing a few September wedding projects!

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

We have to admit that we ourselves never really considered fall to be the most adequate season to get married. But now we think that each season has its own unique beauty that can be explored and enhanced. Our designers have many ideas based on fall affairs that you guys can check out on the internet. We also have many interesting posts on autumn wedding decorations and colors you can browse on our website. A September wedding can take place in the woods, on an open field, in a local forest, in your backyard or garden, in a greenhouse, at a vineyard or in the countryside.

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

September Wedding Inspiration (Source:

There are many other unique and wild places to consider for a fall wedding. Even a mountain top can make a sensational pick for those who are more adventurous! The traditional fall wedding themes are usually based on leafs and fall flowers. Allow the nature to help you decorate your wedding for cheap. For a more modern effect, we suggest you use more of the nature’s goodies, like pine cone, branch, birch and other wood and rustic or western elements.


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