Second Time Brides

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Being a bride is not an easy thing to do, that’s for sure. But being an encore bride, that’s surely a more difficult task! Nevertheless, things have changed a lot in the field of second time marriages and second time bride. The days when second weddings were regarded as discreet affairs in a remote place, with fewer invitees are finally gone. This type of wedding is no longer viewed as an embarrassing ceremony, but as a fashionable event. The second wedding can be just as big and complex as the first one! Who can dictate how you should plan your wedding and how many guests you should call?

There are no more etiquettes or stoned rules for this type of affair and this is why you benefit of total freedom in planning the details as you wish. However, the truth is that second-time brides usually prefer something more intimate or more silent. They don’t care for all the fuss and the noise that are characteristic to first weddings. You’ve been there before, and now you want something different, something quieter and more tranquil. Perhaps your first wedding was traditional and now you want to make it more trend-appropriate.

Second Time Brides (Source:

Second Time Brides (Source:

On the other hand, those who had a small ceremony the first time might now want to plan an ample and extravagant ceremony and reception! So, it all depends on the previous experience of each bride in part. If the groom is at his first marriage, then he might want something more formal and sophisticated. The bride can stick to a more simplistic type of outfit and look. We should mention that simple doesn’t mean plain, cheap or unattractive. The contrary, much of the modern couture in bridal wear is nowadays based on simple and clean lines, firm cuts and minimalist details. The type of mature bridal-wear is not exaggerated and definitely not pompous. It is refined and elevated.

Second Time Brides (Source:

Second Time Brides (Source:

The subtlety of the details is the principal feature of quality of a second-time wedding gown. Encore brides are usually matured women who know exactly what they want for their wedding and wedding wear. The days of childhood are over and now you’ve settled your style and taste on specific principles. The second time bride has a deeper sense of fashion now and definitely a more versatile eye. She can tell exactly what fits her right and what doesn’t. Mature brides are more aware of their assets and flaws and this is why they also know how to emphasize or camouflage them.

Second Time Brides (Source:

Second Time Brides (Source:

So, your second wedding should be a real success! The first question is: who can I invite? Should you invite your ex husband if you have children together and still getting along very well? Should you invite his family if you’re in good terms with them as well? How about the guests that attended your first wedding? Wouldn’t it all be too controversial for you? Discuss this through with your future husband and establish the best guest list on which you are both comfortable with.


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