Sea Themed Wedding Cakes

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Picking a theme for your wedding is one of the biggest challenges to face as a new couple. This decision is always a personal one, but it is related to a lot of things that concerns the wedding. When deciding upon the most adequate cake for your party you must take into account the coordinates of the event. The formality is essential to consider, as well as the season and venue of the wedding.

These are the most important aspects to keep in mind when selecting the cake’s design, size and style. The cake style can also be influenced by the amplitude of the wedding. But the theme is always a selection that stands for the couple’s taste in fashion and beauty. Wedding cakes today are very aesthetical confections based on all things attractive and pretty. The exterior appearance of the cake is the essential factor to solve, although the interior of the cake and its filling is also important.

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

Your guests may be tricked by a good-looking cake, but they will surely be disappointed to serve them something completely tasteless. So, make sure that your cake is both aesthetical and tasteful. The colors and the flavors can be selected according to the specific and tonality of the wedding season and locale. These factors usually determine a bride and groom to choose a certain taste and nuance for their cake. Among the most popular wedding themes promoted today is the beach theme.

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

Or, more precisely, let’s take into consideration the sea theme. This style is obvious for those who are having a seaside wedding celebration. But it’s not mandatory to go to a real sandy beach to plan a sea-themed wedding. This type of venue can inspire even those who are thinking of staying home and planning a simple and casual party in their garden or backyard! It’s very easy to play with the sea theme and recreate its amazing vibe for another location. If you live close to a beach, then you should go there are plan an exotic-like reception. But if you are not close to the seaside, choose any other place in the middle of the nature and try to bring the beauty of the sea to you.

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

Sea Themed Wedding Cakes (Source:

This theme is easy to exploit even for an indoors party. When it comes to sea-themed wedding cakes, things may seem simple and easy to complete. This theme can be tropical, rustic, bohemian, vintage and so on. No matter what you choose, you should focus on nautical imagery to create a beautiful cake that your guests can remember for many years. The sea is a beautiful place to explore and extract inspiration from when it comes to wedding cake designs, colors, flavors, motifs and decorative items. Your sea inspired cake can be a simple confection in white and with a few seashell embellishments or it can be a real piece of work, picturing an edible marine life landscape or motif. You can go for a fish or mermaid cake or simply use a marine topper.


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