Scottish Bride Gowns

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If you are determined to have a traditional Scottish wedding you are familiar with the fact that the bride usually wears a wedding dress that’s not too different from the one worn by a bride who gets married in America or another country of the globe. However, a traditional Scottish bridal gown is always paired with a few traditional accessories specific to the Highlands wedding customs. So, if you are interested in following Scottish tradition when choosing your wedding dress you should pay attention to a few details.

Scottish Bride Gowns

Scottish Bride Gowns (Photo by: Dave Conner)

According to Scottish traditions, brides need to choose wedding gowns colored in white or cream because these colors are considered symbols of the bride’s virginity and purity. This is definitely a tradition that most brides are fond of. When it comes to the style of dress, the same traditions say that the bride should wear something formal and modest in the same time. If you’ve had the opportunity to be invited to a wedding which took place in Scotland, you were most likely surprised to see the bride wearing a Victorian cut dress which is the most popular style among Scottish brides.

Another detail that you should not overlook when choosing your dress is the fabric used to design your gown. That’s because a traditional Scottish wedding dress needs to be made from a certain variety of materials. From that variety, lace is the most traditional and popular choice being considered appropriate while ensuring a feminine look. However, you should feel as free to opt for an organza or silk dress because these two materials are considered as desirable. In fact, in Scottish wedding dress shops you will find that these materials are responsible for most of the creations available.

If until now things seem to be pretty easy to deal with you should get ready to overcome the challenge of finding the right accessories. What makes special a traditional Scottish wedding dress is the tartan, also known as the family plaid. This piece of material started to embellish traditional white wedding dresses in the 1700s and it’s always attached to the wedding gown at the shoulders. It also needs to touch the floor on one of the sides. However, you can also wear it as a sash or as veil. Another important accessory that makes it on most Scottish wedding dresses is the horseshoe. Scottish people think that the horseshoe brings good luck to the marriage. Fortunately, you can also make it part of your bouquet.

Scottish Bride Gowns

Scottish Bride Gowns (Photo by: Lukasz Dunikowski)

I personally recommend you the Abigail Tartan wedding dress which couldn’t be more perfect for a traditional Scottish wedding. It can come created from high quality silk or wool, so your personal choice counts. What remain the same are the V-neckline enriched by gorgeous white embroidery, the wide embroidered straps and the well defined bodice. The A-line skirt touches the floor and reveals the white and ruffled underskirt thanks to a front slit. The entire dress is covered in traditional weave tartans for which you can choose the pattern and colors that work with your family plaid. This Scottish gown is sold in various sizes and for around £500.


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