Rustic Wedding Decorations

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You know what? It’s amazing how many things one can do for a wedding with the right details. Let’s take for instance the wood element. We’ve prepared a few sensational pictures for you today based on wood wedding decorations. You should definitely use these ideas for your wedding if you are thinking of adopting the rustic style. Many newlyweds of today decide to follow the country path for their big day, and still the source inspiration for this style doesn’t dry. Our designers are motivated by the popularity of this style to create even more unique projects that our couples can choose or get inspired from.

We’ve always liked countryside weddings because of their unique charm and natural flair. But now we are even more in love with this style. The modern approach on the rural style is simply breathtaking. You should study different projects and concepts before selecting the final theme for your wedding. We have many unique ideas on our website in this sense to study and browse through. We are pretty sure that you will feel overwhelmed by the myriad of themes you can make your choice from. We’re not trying to intimidate or mislead you, but to help you make the best decisions. We know how easy it is for a bride to regret her choice the next day at the sight of another amazing project.

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

So make sure you went through all the beautiful themes available out there before deciding on anything. The rustic style is very picturesque and authentic. And when based on old and new elements it can make a wedding look spectacular. It’s wise to insert a few vintage details in the wedding because the old flair works perfectly well with all the wood elements and the rustic decorations in your wedding. Rustic is simple, chic and very cheerful. When using this theme you should think all things natural and organic.

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

Let the season and the wedding venue decorate your wedding. You can use a few glamorous elements to make the setting a bit more attractive and sparkling. But overall it’s essential to follow the nature’s unique recommendation. Whether your wedding occurs in the countryside or in the city, your rustic theme must be rich and authentic. Use birch wood to create different elements of décor for the reception setting. This type of wood can add more charm to your event. There are many things that can be made out of birch wood.

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

Rustic Wedding Decorations (Source:

The most popular wood decorations are flower vases. You can create birch wood recipients to hold the flowers or the candles. Engrave the vases for a more personalized look. Tree slices enraged with your initials and perhaps the wedding date can also make inspiring decorations for the tables. Use rustic wood favor tags or fill the birch vases with different delicacies. Create birch table numbers inspired by the rustic-vintage style. They will accommodate perfectly to an alfresco wedding. For your guest favors you can also create drink jars made out of wood.


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