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Roses are and they will always be the official flowers for weddings. No matter how many other blooms and mixes will emerge in today’s trends for weddings, roses will always be in vogue. They can’t fall out of fashion because their beauty is timeless. Unfortunately, there are many brides and grooms who think that roses are obsolete or too traditional for their modern perspective.

And we say “unfortunately” because they haven’t got the chance to see yet just how fashionable and appealing a contemporary rose wedding arrangement can look like when it is made with class and style. Designers today are more talented than they ever were before and their ingeniousness exceeds the limits of our own imagination.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces (Source:

The vision they have is able to surpass a modern bride’s view and expectations and provide with more than we can possibly want for a wedding. They have the power and the right skills to take an old-fashion or overused item and bring it back to life. They can make a rose wedding bouquet stand out in a crowd and shine in the colors of the modern couture. And the centerpieces we brought for this post are here to prove it.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces (Source:

We found a few beautiful rose flower arrangements created for receptions and we thought that it would be a good idea to show them to those who are thinking of using this flower in their wedding. We picked different styles so that you can choose from many and unique arrangements. The first design features a romantic type of beauty. This centerpiece features pastel colored blooms that create an old-fashion effect that can fit an antique inspired celebration.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces (Source:

The shades used for this arrangement are adorable and fit for a delicate bride or a classy party. Florists used blush and taupe rose blooms and this combination is absolutely enchanting! We can also see a few stems of ivory tuberoses and dusty miller. Pink and gray – what a wonderful and inspired color-mix for a contemporary wedding inspired by the old flair!

Mens Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces (Source:

We also adore the hot-pink roses and jasmine tendrils added to make this bouquet a bit bolder and more appealing. This arrangement speaks of the old-century garden style. So you can consider this centerpiece for a garden themed wedding. The second rose centerpiece is created with a vintage style. The pink palette used for the blooms and the petite red glassware vase adds sweetness to the table setting. Moving on, we find a glamorous type of rose centerpiece.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces (Source:

The arrangements in the third picture are fit for a sophisticated wedding. If you’re going for the ample style, don’t hesitate to adopt this marvelous design for the décor. The roses are arranged in floral-foam cone topiaries and they are set in dazzling silver vessels. Below, we propose you a simple centerpiece, created from white roses and lush greenery. This combination is classic and versatile. The last design is rustic, inspired by a forest theme.


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