Redneck Wedding Cakes

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There are thousands of unique themes to select from when you’re a modern couple looking for something wild and funky for the wedding. We’ve all noticed that the whimsical and dark themes have a big impact on this year’s weddings. This means that our newlyweds are ready to embrace something less conventional, something that they never done or experienced before.

It’s weird at a first sight to plan a dark themed wedding with dark colors and wild decorative elements, isn’t it? Well, this is what you think now, but wait and see how stunning the results are! We suggest you invest more time into your wedding research before the big day and the big purchases to see what trends are there to follow and what tradition have fallen out of fashion. It’s true that what’s classic can never die or fade out of trends. But there are certain etiquettes that seem irrelevant and foolish nowadays to commit to.

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

This article is about redneck couples and redneck wedding cakes. This is one of the most quirky themes a bride and groom can choose for their big day. This style is kind of traditional, although these days anyone who wants something more outstanding and original is adopting it. The redneck theme can be incorporated at its best in a countryside wedding. It can be a rural location or just a rustic wedding style. It all depends on your vision.

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

To make it all look more realistic and remarkable, take the wedding in the country and plan then a memorable day with your friends and family. This theme can be inserted in every aspect of the wedding, starting with the stationery and ending up with the cake and favors. You can use just about anything for the party decoration! We know many couples who have decided to save household containers and bottles especially for their wedding.

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

Use mason jars, fruit boxes, branches, twigs, wildflowers, seasonal herbals, ribbons, garlands, balloons and other decorative items on hand to create a rustic redneck wedding. This style can suit outdoors celebrations, but it can also fit a fancy restaurant indoors. When dealing with such special and unique themes, one has to start planning the wedding and the necessary ingredients for the décor as soon as possible. There are many details to take care of and make look perfect.

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

Redneck Wedding Cakes (Source:

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It’s the highlight of the wedding party! Choosing the best theme or motifs to decorate the cake is one of the most delicate things to do. You guys can select something you like, favor or are attached to. The snack cakes, trucks, bales of hay, toy cars, camouflage equipments, doughnuts, anything can be transformed nowadays into a cake. You can use any country element or motif and shape it into a cake. Or, if you want something a bit more elegant and stylish, choose a wild cake topper while leaving the tiers simpler and clean. Choose darker hues to create a bigger impact.


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